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  1. Done it. Link is the same. I should probably clarify AGAIN that if you think my song sounds like shit, don't think Sir Nuts had anything to do with it, because none of it is his fault. Just for the record. I got started with this too late and had no time to apply his advice. EDIT: I also misspelled his username in the filename.
  2. Submitted my first wip, which was all I had time to make, sadly. I didn't even have the time to do the things Sir Nuts told me about regarding clipping and such! He did provide me with a source, though, and the little I had time to do is very different from anything I've done before, so even if I didn't really finish the WiP... hold on. Exactly how much time do I still have left? EDIT: Holy crap, I still have an hour left!? Well damn. Can I replace my submission with a new file if I do so before the deadline?
  3. I think you can use '''*''' to write asterisks in wikis without them turning into bullet points (that's how they do it on wikipedia, anyway). It also seems the character stays an asterisk if immediately preceded or succeeded by a non-whitespace symbol, e.g. a comma, or the number 3: In general, though, I prefer using numbers for footnote references rather than abitrary symbols like asterisks and crosses.I'm pretty sure the fact the Xbox doesn't list the ReMix is just an oversight, though, since that same ReMix is listed by both the PS3 and Windows ports of the game, and afaik the soundtrack is identical in all ports. I've informed the staff about it and it should be fixed shortly. It's odd that, when you checked the versions of Fallout 3 to link in the bio, PS3 was listed, and Windows wasn't, because the Windows version of the game has game id 622 in the database, and the PS3 version has game id 623, indicating it was added later (despite the fact that the first and so far only ReMix of that game lists itself as being a PS3 ReMix). Odder still that the Windows version was then updated to list the ReMix (apparently a while later) and the Xbox version was still left out in the cold.
  4. First post says: More info: http://ocremix.org/info/ReMix_Changelog
  5. What about ReMixes from games that have been released on several consoles? For example, http://ocremix.org/game/624/fallout-3-xb360 lists no remixes, but http://ocremix.org/game/623/fallout-3-ps3 and http://ocremix.org/game/622/fallout-3-win do. Is this just an oversight? You say game assignment can only go to one game, and in the case of the only Fallout 3 ReMix on the site (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02077/), it's assigned to the PS3 version, but apparently, 2 games (database-wise), both the Windows and the PS3 versions of Fallout 3 list ORC02077 as being ReMixes of them (which totally makes sense other than that the Xbox version doesn't list that same ReMix). So what's stopping both Escape and Secret from listing OCR00670 (even if the ReMix itself only lists Escape)? There are several ReMixes that use sources from several different games and only list one game, but the game pages themselves all list that same ReMix (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02496/ being one example). EDIT: I noticed the Windows version's list of songs refers to songs actually listed as being songs from the PS3 soundtrack. I am assuming, therefore, that the reason that the Xbox version doesn't list the ReMix is because it doesn't list the songs, either (which it should). Unless the song ReMixed in OCR00670 is identically the same in both the Monkey Island games, it wouldn't make sense to have either game refer to a song that's listed as being part of the other game, or you'd have to crosscheck every time a ReMix is posted whether the song it is a ReMix of exists in another game (take the Zelda overworld theme. Good lord). So... I guess it makes sense to do things the way you're doing them now (besides OCR02077 not being listed under the Xbox version of the game, that is, but again, I'm guessing that's just an oversight).
  6. This is the thread, yeah, and I appreciate the feedback! I don't remember what our policy is regarding mascots that appear in games that are ported to several consoles. The only Fallout 3 mix, http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02077/, lists the game as a PS3 one, though the game is listed as being an Xbox and Windows game as well when you search for the it in the bar at the top of the page. Doom has been ported to any number of systems, and we only list the Windows versions for the Doom Trooper bio, (I guess) because they came out first and it wouldn't make sense to list them all. It's a bit harder to say which system a game should be listed under in a bio page if it's released on several systems at the same time. I think Fallout 3 is left out of the Windows section because that already has a few games listed, but I don't remember exactly. The fact that the Xbox 360 version of Fallout 3 (http://ocremix.org/game/624/fallout-3-xb360) has no ReMixes listed is a little strange. I think I'll have to ask someone on site staff why. The game page for the Windows version of the game does list the ReMix.
  7. BST (UK time) is currently GMT +1, so noon PDT (GMT -7) would be 8 PM BST.
  8. Ah, rules are rules! I appreciate that, actually. Just wanted Garpocalypse to know he's not alone.
  9. Whoa. That log is beast. Big , Larry! Can't get the torrent files atm for some reason, I'm guessing they're too popular a download right now...
  10. Holy shit this was awesome. I mean I agree about the drums being awfully thin, but I could never have imagined anything like this coming from that old source.
  11. Gargle gargle. No but seriously, I can think of several songs off the top of my head. Good theme, and right on time, too!
  12. I clarified my post somewhat. I really wish I could help out by being a star, but I don't feel comfortable guiding someone else on a path where I myself so often stumble in the dark.
  13. I don't know you, so no, I didn't realize, heh. I did think it was a strange thing to be upset about, but then again, you do live fairly close to Apple HQ...
  14. So, who here wants a EurOHC (Kudos to Mirby for coming up with the name!)? Tonight was my first OHC, and I had a blast! ... but I pulled an all-nighter just to be able to participate, and I'm going to fall asleep at work now. 'Muricans who are, for some reason, free in the afternoons would also be welcome to participate, naturally.
  15. Technically, I qualify as a star, but I'd rather be a novice, assuming enough stars sign up so I don't take someone more novice, and more deserving person's place. I have serious and chronic difficulties with production and mastering, and until I feel more confident about that, I would rather not go mentoring anyone else on it, but would like to instead be mentored. EDIT: To clarify - if (and only if) there are enough stars to go around (that is, more stars than novices) I wish to sign up as a novice - otherwise, count me out. I do not wish to sign up as a star this round, not even if there are more novices than stars. I've been using Reason since version 3 (after at least 10 years of Cakewalk and MIDI) and am currently using Reason 6.5. My main skills are with drums, basslines, and synths - I'm all about beats, fuzzy basses and distorted, chippy leads. I play the piano and sing fairly well, and I can also handle power chords and simple solos on an electric guitar. I totally suck at production skills and at finishing my WiPs (the latter often as a result of sucking at production - I can never make anything sound as professional as I want to be). I participated in the OHC this morning: http://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/OHC208 And here's an old WiP from 2008 that people generally liked: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=18531
  16. My biggest issue was with the ladders. In the original game, you could go sideways on ladders by strafing, or aiming to the sides, and that meant you risked falling off in places you didn't really want to, but with a little training, it still gave you a lot more freedom than BM does. I remember ladder climbing being the smoothest experience I'd had with ladders in games when playing HL back in 97. BM, on the other hand, locks you a rail when you're climbing ladders, and you don't climb down when aiming up and backpedaling, as you did in HL, you go UP. It's easily the biggest flaw, I think. The use key didn't work as well for me as it apparently did for Doulifée. Voice acting was fine for the most part - especially the Barneys sound very good. The scientists are supposed to be socially awkward, I guess, but even bearing that in mind, I think the way they talk is really unnatural. It's still a very slight problem compared to the marines, who don't sound convincing at all. The radio distortion doesn't do the same job as in HL, and even though the original's 22kHz sounds bothered me back in 97, I would much hear those for the marines than the new ones. I also miss the clinky maff-maff-maff sounds of the original's MP5, and pulling off a double blast with the shotgun, which isn't anywhere near as satisfying as in HL. But it's not a big deal. On the plus side, BM looks amazing, and I've listened to the soundtrack probably 20 times since beating it - I liked it that much! I don't miss going to Zen, because I hated that part in the original game, and I don't think beating the last boss gave me any answers at all, but I understand why some people are upset about Zen missing, out of principle or otherwise. The late 90's was a golden age for games, I think - so many new ideas and interesting concepts, many of which didn't work, but it was more exciting then than today's often uninspired releases are. It was great revisiting an old game in a form that looked like it was new, and still, in many ways, felt fresh, other than in game design. Crouch jumping, excessive crawling through air ducts, and horrible platforming are elements I don't miss in new FPS games.
  17. Haha, amazing! Why'd you use such a pixelated image of the SNES logo though? I meant to annoy you about this before but forgot.
  18. Right now, I count a mere 33 mixes on the panel, waiting to be judged. That has to be some sort of record, doesn't it? Oddly enough, while the post does say no mixes subbed past May 25 have reached the panel yet, 5 of the ones waiting to be judged are dated 2012/08 (4 of which are resubs), and there's nothing from June or July in there. Did someone just skip the line?
  19. Agree on using Reason for orchestral simulations - bad idea. What tool did you use to make the video?
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