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  1. I actually submitted the wrong song file to ocr for that one. Thats why the guitar sounds clippy and ugly, and the piano has flaws. Heres a version that was cleaned up and released shortly after http://prot.arnoldascher.com/music/prot/FF6_Enchanted_Esper_V2.mp3
  2. Jared Hudson and I just finished our Half Life 2 Portal video. This video demonstrates what is possible when the portal gun is thrown into the Half Life universe. There were a few other similar videos out there, but nothing quite like this one. Enjoy, Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-P4RxBA-Io Higher Quality: http://jaredhudson.com/temp/HL2/Half%20Life%202%20-%20Portal%20(The%20Pwned%20Life).avi Mirror: http://prot.arnoldascher.com/misc/Half%20Life%202%20-%20Portal%20(The%20Pwned%20Life).avi Consequentially I'll be starting a website http://halflifemovie.org. More to come on that later. If this is the wrong forum for this, my bad.
  3. Took me a while to figure it out, but the older site project threads are hidden because the default date range only looks at posts from the last two months. If its at all possible, I would suggest making the default date range for this perticular forum 'From The Beginning', especially since there are so many projects now. http://ocremix.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&f=21&daysprune=-1
  4. LMFAOx10 Better start making ratios for that 3kbps investment!
  5. Theres really no such thing as an 'spc700' chip sound. That is to say, incomparable to the uniqueness of the nes/sega/c64 chips. As for '16-bit sound', every song on this site sounds 16-bit. Thats cause they all are 16-bit songs. One could say, perhaps, that there is a 'low-fi' sound to the samples used as they are all indeed very small wave samples (some 8-bit), some under 20k, but thats about it. I guess, yea one could also make the claim that anything using a square wave sounds 'nes'. Well, whatever. Its best to get the terminology right or people will just be confused in the end, or you'll just look silly. My decision to use low quality samples pretty much comes from the manipulative nature of small samples. You can do so much through them, take them into realms of audiomation that simply can't be done with anything else. Beyond that, I also like to show how low quality samples are most certainly not any runner up to expensive, flashy, high fi librarys. All that matters in the end is the artist. Everything else is just makeup. As for personal agendas, not sure what you're talking about, but keep it off the review forum.
  6. The waves were compressed with crc check rar files. Anything can get corrupt in a transfer. The rars are as viable as anything else is gonna get. flac was considered and dismissed as the file size difference would have been something like 5%; simply not worth the n00bie brigade outcry of pain and ineptitude that would surely have followed. You know who you are.
  7. Page is broken, Site stuck on Samus, Remixer Profile still limited in char length, and yet the song still rocks. I heard this one on vgmix last year and it kicked ass then; kicks ass now. Overall, flowing and rather creative. Good job.
  8. "perhaps" you have a "point". The ""quotes"" may have been """unnecessary""""". Either way, the reason RotC stayed with a theme, more or less, is because that was a project objective. We tried to create a flowing mood and continuity. While KiC was just a random rambunxious representation of ravinous rhinos and ruthless rofls.
  9. Do we have a new deadline for the project completion?
  10. Probably my favorite Prophecy song. Its epic trance that doesn't suck, which is sorta uncommon.
  11. Don't take it the wrong way. They're just opinions. AI's cut remark was rather unnecessary anyway. Just opinions of what you may want to consider next time around, and if you don't want to, thats cool. Its your song.
  12. Yep. I've certainly heard it before (and in jazz), and in other contexts it would sound better to me.
  13. The difference in opinion between us would more or less be that to you drums are for 'time keeping' while to me percussion is a very significant part of a song and should be treated with the same attention and creativity as any other part. "having the drums fly off every direction at every opportunity" is most certainly not what I'm talking about. As for off-key/on-key, I have found that there are rules in music theory to justify doing just about anything, however there is no music theory that will give you any sort of answer to what will 'sound good at all times'. There are times to use this technique, and there are times when it doesn't fit. It may be very sound in music theory, but to me it certainly does not fit. In a song where a well defined key and melodic counterpart are expected, I don't think that the 'octotonic scales' or whatever this is (sorry, I really dont know much theory jargon) fit at all well within. Like anything else said here, this is all just opinion. There is never a right or wrong.
  14. I'll agree about the percussion. Could have been more fitting the style. Towards the beginning, it's almost orch-style percussion with a rock drumset. That part at :40-50/3:35-50 may be stylistically off key or whatever, but I think it just sounds... really bad. Solo after 1:00 does rock. Solo at 2:36 is even better. Plodding drums make it less enjoyable. Great ideas, meh execution. Could have been done far better; just not enjoyable as is.
  15. If I remember correctly, each track in the reason tracklist has a midi in option. You have to click that midi in option on the left side of the track to turn it on (select it). At that point, that track should respond with your midi input.
  16. Look up the definition of 'virtually', and then realize that those who tend to be against 'mastered minimalist' songs also tend to be against loop-heavy mixes that are passed in a blink of an eye. Beyond that, I stated that the other '180' seconds, which isn't really that much was a great direction this song should have expended upon further. If you look at marc's other songs (which I adore) you'd find far more melodic expansion, far more change and creativity, and far less blatant repetition. And finally, instead of controversy and offense, certain people in here should just realize that those of us with this opinion are only displaying an opinion. That’s it. There is never a right or wrong with music. So please end the attitude and combative nature in the review forum, and just review.
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