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  1. I have yet to figure out whether or not you mean that, but if you do, awesome. -chth
  2. This mix does exactly what it's supposed to. And I, for one, don't mind supporting my latent groove-bias for this gem. The only complaint I have is with the ending; it's way to abrupt, in my opinion. I was expecting something like a fade-out, just to fit the feel of the track. Really solid stuff. -chth
  3. This is amazing, as per usual Blad's work. Crazy bastard. I have virtually no complaints. Anyway, the Chiisai mirror is 404'd. -chth
  4. There needs to be a huge front-page announcement: VBR FUCKS WITH MEDIA PLAYERS. Anyway, this track is really cool. I dislike how some of the loops are layered, because they don't sound very natural when played on top of one another, but other than that, this is really atmospheric and groovy. -chth
  5. That hiccup would be Trenthian. Where'd he go, anyway? -chth
  6. Solid. Nothing too eye-opening or outstanding, but that's to be expected from a project that started twenty-three years ago. Kudos. -chth
  7. Huh... It appears that the quad post error tends to occur when editing an existing post? Anyway... this mix. The arrangement is ace, and the variation is more than is expected with the genre. However, the EQ seems to be really lacking. There's not enough bass or treble, so everything sounds super-thin and distant. Otherwise, I'm loving this. Also, I really appreciated the ska section at 1:26. -chth
  8. This is mastered really low... I had to crank my winamp just to hear it properly. Other than that, though, this is really awesome stuff. Definition-of-chill kind of thing. I personally loved the dissonace you implemented at 2:40. -chth
  9. The only thing I didn't dig about this mix was the time signature change, which is suspect is 5/4. *Listens again* Yeah, it's definitely 5/4. Anyway, the time change only really bugged me the first time I listened, and now that I understand how to bob my head to it, it's all good. Very nice work from the guy who consistentley provides very nice work. I think I'm going to go watch Kill Bill. -chth
  10. Florestan oboe has "bad" notes that stick out naturally, one of those notes being B flat. You have that note at around :52 and 1:00, I believe. It's midfrequencies screamed and came close to making me wince. It's easy to fix... if the oboe has it's own mixer channel, you can just curve the mids down with the equalizer that's right there on the mixer. You might even be able to automate it to lower the mids only when the B flat plays, but either way, I definitley think it needs to be fixed. Nice reference to Green Greens in the horns at :20 and 2:35... very smooth. It's just a tad more subtle th
  11. I just realized that this is probably the only real ska song we have here at OCR. Acoustic third-wave ska Zelda. Memories... This also reminds me of the Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg soundtrack. That's an obscure game for you. -chth
  12. I'm having a spell of un-inspiration, so mine might just end up being the main theme run though, the tribal drum segment, synth blues scale solo, main theme variation. I'll see what happens and try to get the "final" version uploaded soon. Starbound (Theme of Dream Warrior) Not my absolute best work, but probably my most creative as far as instrumentation goes. The somewhat lackluster flow and structure comes from my said inspiration deprivation, so I needed to complete this and move on. It's finished in my mind, but I'll make any changes you feel are needed. Too many cha
  13. Welcome to OCR, vergo890. On an unrelated note, this is absolutley AMAZING. Excellent work. -chth
  14. Thta was what I was going for. Also, here's the song's VGMix page if anyone's interesting in reviewing or toplisting or clicking on the little exclamation point. -chth
  15. While pondering in class today, the words "Dream Warrior" instantly sparked a link to "Tribal Warrior" and I got to work as soon as I got home. In other words: UPDTAE, FOOL It's almost close to a decent length... w00t. -chth
  16. Sorry that I haven't updated, but I've been quite busy. Tonight is my first night off from everything, so I've set a midnight deadline for version 2. http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=3244 Version two... changes are explained in the buzz thread. Anyone have any title ideas? I'm usually good at this type of thing, but this piece's name escapes me. -chth
  17. If you can't pick out a pickup...well... I still need to make the velocity of the pickup note softer, and I might make use of a reverse cymbal. The downbeat should be much clearer after that. -chth
  18. It's 'chthonic'. Thanks for the comments, though. -chth
  19. Sorry, dude. I'll give that a listen when I get home. At any rate, don't hesitate to finish it; music is music and I'd love to hear your take on the theme. -chth
  20. Theme of Dream Warrior Wow... inspiration strikes. I spent three or four hours getting the general concept down, and it's a huge deviation from my comfort genre-scope. Tell me what you think. -chth
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