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  1. No zircoin?! That's it! I've had it with OC ReMix! I'm starting my own Web 3.0 stablecoin-backed peer-to-peer decentralized DAO cryptomusic network on the blockchain! And I'm taking all my RFTs with me!
  2. Jill and I are both big fans of Aeralie's work, particularly on the Ori series, and we've always wanted to collaborate with her... so we did! We've been arranging Final Fantasy 7 for over a decade now (our first remix together was Deliverance of the Heart all the way back in 2007) but it's just such a good soundtrack we keep coming back to it. I wanted to keep the production mostly out of the way here, since with two strong (and complementary) voices there wouldn't be enough room for too much underlying stuff. So it's basically all Omnisphere with some careful mixing to make sure all the background vocal layers and leads could sit properly, along with precisely sculpted reverb... We did consider having more percussion too but I think it would have ultimately taken away from the beauty of the themes themselves. Keeping it atmospheric and melodic seemed like the way to go. Enjoy!
  3. The Flyff synth is a simple waveform with a little bit of a layered.. bell sample, maybe? Lots of portamento (glide), reverb, and vibrato. The Maple Story synth is similar but with no bell layer. The third synth is pretty different. Hard to say what but it's not a simple waveform. I think you'll get closest by starting with a sine wave in something like an additive synth, and then add a little bit of extra harmonics there. The thing that really gives these songs a similar feel though is the combination of glide + reverb + vibrato.
  4. Yes, I'm using FL Studio 20. If you're using the free trial they may have removed features from that, I don't know. There's also a cut-down "Fruity Edition" ($99). But I guarantee that the Producer Edition, which is $199 (same as always), works the way I'm describing. The Producer Edition is the one to get. It might not be the DAW for you, but they didn't remove any features. And just so you know, Reason is $399, Cubase Artist is $309, Cubase Pro is $559, Pro Tools is $299, Studio One Pro is $399... the full version of FL being $199 is really reasonable, and it has lifetime free updates which *no* other DAWs have.
  5. Take a deep breath. All DAWs have a learning curve. FL Studio is not expensive; not at all, compared to most other DAWs. For beginner questions, you should look for tutorial resources rather than posting on the forums. It will probably be faster and easier to simply watch how the program works. You can clone an instrument easily. Right click on the channel and click "clone". You can make unique easily too. Click the upper left of a pattern in the playlist (the dropdown arrow) and click "make unique". I don't think it has ever been a right-click option. You can add anything to your favorites list of plugins/channels. When you click "Add" go to "More Plugins". See the checkmark column on the left? Click that next to anything you want 'favorited'.
  6. Jill and I are potentially interested, but it depends on the final dates because.. uh.. you know why.
  7. What's the purpose of the room(s)? Recording, mixing, production? That will change the answer for sure. My advice - given that size, I would consider using a relatively small desk and compact interface, and otherwise treat the room as a recording space. Doesn't really make sense to try and install a whole mixing desk since that would take up like half the room, and you wouldn't have separate isolation space. Great resource is Gearslutz, they have a whole studio build forum. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/studio-building-acoustics/
  8. The chords for the middle section of "Clash on the Big Bridge" (0:43) are almost identical to the very distinctive progression of "Hotel California":
  9. This looks great, good on Capcom for finally returning to Mega Man. Not excited about new MMX though... that series really got progressively worse after X4.
  10. I'm assuming they are including more than those, based on their wording of "a library" and some other grammatical stuff... I think those were just examples.
  11. Ooh check it out! Nintendo's online service is apparently going to offer various classic games (more than one a month) Netflix-style with your online subscription. "Nintendo Switch Online includes ongoing access to a library of classic games you can take anywhere!" I brought up this exact thing (not originally my idea, but still) a few months ago:
  12. Talk to me when you're in the 1700sr range (and dropping) like me
  13. After early high school, I fell out of console gaming for the most part. With a few rare exceptions like couch games and stuff I play with my wife, I just have a hard time going over to the TV and playing games there by myself. I can't get into it as much anymore, and I don't know why! I also play way fewer games than I used to. Usually one or two at a time at most, and if it's a PC game, it's usually something I can play pretty casually on and off. I also always play a handheld game before bed, usually only for 15-20 mins or so, to help unwind a the very end of the day. My gaming habits have definitely changed. But I still enjoy a really good game.
  14. WiiU frame drops are a thing for sure, especially in towns or panning into fields. Not that big a deal though.
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