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  1. Alright well.. I just figured that was it since it was clearly labeled as such, but I have two others by him, so one of them are probably it: http://majingeo.no-ip.com/pkmnwip.mp3 http://majingeo.no-ip.com/pokecentermix2.mp3 Hopefully one of those is it!
  2. I have the song, its by ResdntEvilFreak. You can download it off my server here - http://majingeo.no-ip.com/pokecentermix3.mp3 - Don't ask me why I still have it...
  3. I'm just on my first nVidia card, but it is an eVGA. Anytime I've built a system for anyone or recommended an nVidia card its usually an eVGA. They just seem to be great cards.
  4. I agree. Doug and I share the same birthday and for the past couple years he's gotten a thread and I haven't, so this year I'm going to need my own thread too.
  5. Alright.. finally another car pic, looks good Dave. I know what you mean about putting bumper stickers on that, I just put my first sticker on my car about a year ago.. now I have four ;x.
  6. Hell yea Thunderbrew is great. Love those guys.. got to see them live a few years ago, they put on a great show. Rick and the guys are some good peoples.
  7. Are you a Thunderbrew fan, or do you just like the sticker?
  8. Alright here's our first car pictures.. Man I need to clean my car.. it's a little dirty lookin!
  9. So I got my bumper stickers today and in support of OCR I put one of them on my car.. I went over to a buddies house later and he asked "Overlocked remix?". Why can't anyone ever read the logo right? I've had so many people read my hoodie and ask the same thing.
  10. It's not that great.. nothing really stands out IMO.
  11. I bought the bumper stickers a couple days ago and just donated $10.
  12. Quick Google searching shows that Epiphone did indeed make Strat copies (Made in Korea or China), and there's even reviews for an "Epiphone Strat Style" guitar on Harmony Central. Seems that they were discontinued a while ago. Here's some examples on eBay - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220218871529 & http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260224184813
  13. Exactly.. I was having a conversation last night with a coworker about the current gen. I love Nintendo and I love the Wii, but I had no problem pointing out its shortcomings and praising the 360 (which I don't own).
  14. Pick gauge and technique is all up to personal preference. It definitely seems like you prefer thicker picks (I use a Dunlop Tortex 1mm myself), which tend to give you a harder attack and are less prone to breaking/tearing as with thinner picks. If what you're using now is working just stick with it.
  15. Well to be fair to EB its not completely the strings fault in this case.. he just happens to be really rough on his strings, he has a pretty crazy vibrato that he uses a lot. He's broken strings on a semi-regular basis on every guitar he's owned (LP Standard, Flying V, Jackson KV, Hamer DC, among others).
  16. Yes, and PS they're $1 cheaper at MusiciansFriend (zomg 2,000 posts!) PSS a friend of mine whose been playing guitar for 10-11 years is an Ernie Ball user, he once borrowed a guitar of mine for a gig and said he loved the feel of the EAD strings (DGC in my case) much more than the EBs. He tends to break his EBs a lot, as seen here - http://majingeo.no-ip.com/brokenstring.jpg
  17. I could see myself downloading FLACs of remixes in addition to the mp3s if they were offered. I used to have a bunch of Hendrix APEs and SHNs, but this was years ago when hard drive space wasn't cheap and also when I was a poor teenager, so they were all converted to mp3s :/
  18. Just get some GHS Boomers and be done with it.
  19. Where's EdgeCrusher or Bahamut when you need them..
  20. Meh.. I wasn't gonna buy it anyway, could care less. I don't even touch GH3 for Wii since I've downloaded it for PC and hacked in GH1/2 songs.
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