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  1. I still don't know yet... still waiting for my Christmas to happen. Think Santa stalled on the way here...
  2. Because of some family/timing issues I'm actually not really celebrating Christmas until tomorrow so today is just the day when I get and respond to 500 texts and look at the gifts under the tree another day (which burns me up because I know Spirit Tracks and Uncharted 2 are there... booo!) Regardless, wanted to wish my OCR friends a Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and/ or happy holiday season in general. Whatever you're doing hopefully it's with good friends and family and there's games and music somewhere in the proceedings.
  3. The funny part is that in 3 weeks OCR is going to have about 600 new Chrono Trigger remix submissions featuring the exact same orchestral samples. And it shall be funny and glorious indeed.
  4. Seconded, greatest OST of all time, and anything less is underrating it.
  5. With how rarely I do remixes, with each video it would be on an upgraded version of Sonar... </self parody>
  6. I've been putting up remix videos on youtube since the summer but primarily with captured game footage. I didn't really consider doing any live video because well - who the hell wants to see video of me on a PC using Sonar? Besides that I didn't know what else to put up since most of my remixes aren't really funny (except the bad ones of course). I like the videos to enhance the nostalgia factor personally - or show people footage of games they might not have played before. You guys have some crazy ideas for your vids, look forward to checkin them out!!
  7. LOVE THIS. Blind's stuff is sounding so polished these days I can't tell the difference between his work and commercial releases anymore (except I probably enjoy his work more). Had the pleasure of listening to this a little while before it was posted as well but fantastic piece. Love the vocals, Love the synths, and everything breathes and flows nicely. Outstanding stuff dude, congrats and can't wait to hear more!
  8. damn I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since I started remixing. Where does the time go??? Happy Birfday OCR!! Woohoo!!
  9. to get 1 more remix up on here. thats right. 1 more. That's right bitches, McVaffe aims for the stars.
  10. MkVaff

    DJ Hero

    I'm actually interested in this. I can't say I'm ready to drop money for it, but it seems to be the closest thing to an instrument rhythm game with dance music that's come out since amplitude. I loved some of the remixes in Frequency / Amplitude and all the GH/RB stuff is so rock - oriented I tend to lose interest. Musically, this one is closer to my tastes than any of the other previous games have been (save for RB: Beatles). I'll have to play it sometime to really see how much I suck at it...
  11. and then the following year we will see the DS pocket with 1.5" screens.
  12. happy birthday man!! keep up the unrelenting awesomeness...
  13. Hey I can talk about Half Life in a FF7 thread dammit!! Actually I just don't have much to add - don't remember much about the game and when I played it I wasn't all that into it. I might have a different opinion if I played it right now, but to me FF7 has always been to games what 'Scarface" is to movies (the game everyone around me tells me is the best thing ever and I guess I just never quite "got" it). I'm not saying it's bad, I just didn't care all that much for it.
  15. Half Life rules. I agree with and greatly appreciate your praise. So in conclusion, Half Life rules.
  16. This was a long ass time ago - my friend and I were walking down the street and saw a girl wearing spandex pants with what looked like a pixelated mosiac pattern printed on it. I looked at them and told my friend that that girl's textures needed anti aliasing. It was funny at the time.
  17. Happy Birthday Bruva, now get your ass back in NY dammit!! NY misses you
  18. ooooh sounds awesome can't wait to hear it... Any vague idea when it'll be done? (I say vague because I know how these things go... trust me)
  19. Oh awesome man I can't wait to check it out. definitely looking forward to listening. Is it more synthy stuff or more traditional?
  20. I don't really work much with sheet music but I will see if I can dig up the piano part of the wrk file and turn it into a midi. And to everyone else thanks for the comments and kind words. It definitely means a lot to hear that people are enjoying it. Thanks guys!!! =)
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