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  1. I jumped on late for this one, got it through the Humble Bundle. (It seems like every game I find interesting ends up in a Humble Bundle, so I've learned to just wait...). Got my first Easy victory on my 15th playthrough, using the Type B Zoltan ship. Had a number of almost-victories before that, until I figured out certain tricks for making the boss fight much, much easier... (CLOAK, CLOAK, CLOAK) After a few attempts which made me say "Wow, this is tough," my first Normal victory followed surprisingly quickly on playthrough 19 last night with the Type A Engi ship. By the end, every battle was a massacre: 1) Fire paired Ion Blast II at shield and weapon systems. 2) Deploy Anti-Ship II drone and (if enemy has missiles) Defense I drone. 3) Once shield and weapon systems are thoroughly ionized, switch out one of the Ion Blast II for Pike Beam. 4) Manually alternate shots from remaining Ion Blast II between shield and weapon systems while Pike Beam and Anti-Ship II drone take the enemy apart. Would love to see a sequel/expansion to this. Meanwhile, still got more ships to unlock and individual ship achievements to... achieve.
  2. To take things on a slight tangent, I've always been a bit disappointed in how the typical RPG (particularly JRPGs) is always so centered around the combat system, with the story pretty much being resolved through piles of random encounters. Always thought it would be kind of neat to see an RPG where actual battles are infrequent, but when they do happen it's a major momentous event with a huge impact on the story. I know such games don't typically contain the absurd over-the-top violence this topic is about, but it still always bothered me a bit how RPGs become so constrained to combat-combat-combat when converted into video game form.
  3. Falcom often did this sort of thing with their games. The Japanese special edition of Ys: Oath in Felghana, for example, came with several disks which included the different versions of the soundtrack from a few different systems. Thought it was weird at first, but after a while you really do start to appreciate the distinct sound of each piece of hardware.
  4. Actually, I really miss how the early Mario games had simple turn-taking 2-player modes. Made the kids learn patience while their incompetent younger brother bumbled through a stage as Luigi. Seems like such an easy thing to implement without harming the single-player experience. Never really understood why they mostly dropped it after Super Mario World. That did indeed get me interested in the game just now... Echoes some thoughts I remember expressing in the past about why I was getting bored with the 3D Mario games. Especially the way the power-ups were set to be used in very specific contexts and locations rather than being open to the player to hold onto for as long as they could, as well as the difference between the "Get to the end of the stage" design philosophy and the "Run around in circles until you find the star" style.
  5. Well, they got Mega Man finally. Still need representatives from: Castlevania Double Dragon Contra Ninja Gaiden Dragon Warrior Final Fantasy And then I'll consider it reasonably complete for classic third-party NES games. Snake fits in well already. (Sonic needs to go.)
  6. I'd have to disagree on this point. Part of the fun of made-up worlds and cultures lies in learning and navigating the way they handle various social issues and constructs. I see no reason why every fictional world has to conform to the attitudes of the 21st century Western nations of Earth with regards to gender equality. The Elder Scrolls series would be more interesting if gender/race/other elements of identity played a more significant role in the way that social interactions and quests play out, and provide a much more interesting reason to play different characters than just "Now I want to play a guy who kills stuff with fireballs instead of with swords."
  7. Bingo. This doesn't just go for FF specifically, but older generations of games VS newer generations of games in general. I find myself more and more playing old stuff I missed or indie games based on old design principles rather than the new big flashy hits for precisely the reason you described.
  8. Weird timing on this... I just finished playing Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy (missed them when they originally came out) and replaying Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, and Mysteries of the Sith (old favorites). It seems like a lot of the newer Star Wars games all bear the taint of the prequels in terms of style anyway, so maybe this isn't as catastrophic a loss as it could have been. Just something about the older games that seems a little more tasteful and reserved. I liked Jedi more back before they turned into anime ninjas.
  9. Hard to say for sure considering things like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Macintosh_7100#Codename_Lawsuit
  10. Eh, Nihon Falcom put out quite a few PC games that were designed first and foremost with a controller in mind, with keyboard + mouse more of an afterthought. When they tried to release Xanadu Next as a keyboard + mouse game, the fans demanded gamepad support (which was quickly provided in a patch). Admittedly, though, the Japanese PC scene is an odd creature.
  11. The neat thing about those issues is the art by Katsuya Terada. He also did art for their Final Fantasy II coverage, and I believe he has some art in the manuals for Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Here's some Zelda stuff he did.
  12. One thing I've wanted since Melee: Stock-stamina matches. You set the number of lives, and you set how much HP each life has. You can reduce an opponent's lives either by knocking him off the stage or depleting his HP. (Timed stamina matches with unlimited lives would also be good.) I think my friends and I would only play this mode if it existed. We've always liked stamina mode, but its "one life" nature means that it's always over way too quickly even with the HP maxed out.
  13. Ehhh, that's just a little too recent for me, only one generation before the Wii. But I know that the whole "Mario VS Sonic" was too much of a big selling point for them to pass it up, so I don't really blame them for doing it.
  14. I always thought Smash should be about classic characters with a history on Nintendo systems, so Pac-Man would be perfectly fine. I remember playing at least three Pac-Man games on the NES alone. (Same went for Snake: if you look at old Nintendo Power magazines, Metal Gear regularly showed up on the NES charts, and at one point hit the No. 3 spot. It was a pretty well known and popular game, on the same level as Castlevania or Mega Man. Sonic, however, had no business being on the roster.) So as for other Namco characters, I'm thinking of looking to games more like Tower of Druaga or Dig Dug first rather than Tekken or the Tales series.
  15. There needs to be a Minesweeper album project.
  16. Question about Rule #1: If you accidentally defeat the first Pokemon you encounter in an area, are you allowed to catch the next one of that type you encounter? Or did you totally blow your chance and have to leave that area empty-handed? Also, what defines an "area"? (I haven't played a Pokemon game since the original Blue, and that was at release.)
  17. Upon further reflection, "Post-Apocalyptic Ancient Egypt" is now my preferred theme.
  18. They have "First-Person Shooter" and "Shoot'em Up" as separate categories, so I assumed "Shoot'em Up" would be more like Gradius/Contra. So perhaps a roguelike where you find Gradius-style power-ups, for example. I guess that's basically what The Binding of Isaac is, now that I think about it. EDIT: Whoops, my bad. I was thinking you meant "Return to Castle Wolfenstein."
  19. More people need to vote for "Shoot'em up" so that "Beat'em up" drops into last place. An RTS/Beat'em Up sounds way more interesting and original than an RTS/Shoot'em Up. Alternatively, more votes for "Dungeon Crawler" would give us a Dungeon Crawler/Shoot'em Up, which could be fun if not quite as innovative. Regardless, the Steampunk/Ancient Egypt theme is pretty cool.
  20. And once out of office, he gets a cushy lobbyist job, pushing other legislators to write up the same sort of laws. ("If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine!")
  21. I've purchased every Humble Bundle since they started, so I had quite a few games for the giveaway, plus I slogged my way through some of those awful, awful free games. (CrimeCraft, uuuughhhhh.) Came away with 15 coal (keeping them for the prize drawing), 9 coupons (a few of which I might actually use), and a free game (Monday Night Combat, which looks kind of cool). Not bad. I heard that the developers said that Steam put up the wrong achievement for the SMB Holiday Objective. You're supposed to just have to beat one of the Xmas levels rather than all of them. But the tougher achievement stuck. :\
  22. Don't know anything about the legal issues, but just wanted to say that that sounds like a cool project and I'd definitely pick up a copy. Reminds me of this one time I was at a LAN party with a bunch of friends. Someone said something that reminded us of a line from an old church hymn from our days together at a Catholic grade school, and though hardly any of us were still particularly religious, we all simultaneously broke into song (as we continued our deathmatch).
  23. I guess it might be an issue of timing. Sooner or later, there had to be an Elder Scrolls game set in Skyrim, which from the very beginning of the series we've all known is a rocky snow-covered place. The fact that the game in question had to come in an era where everyone is kind of burned out on grey wastelands is just an unfortunate coincidence. Maybe they'll go with Summerset Isle or Akavir for the sixth game.
  24. I probably need to go anything-but-Argonian, since I put in well over 100 hours in Oblivion on my Argonian serial killer character. Never even started the main quest, instead pursuing the Dark Brotherhood and Shivering Isles questlines, and then ultimately becoming the "Mad Bomber" on my own unofficial quest to assassinate the nobility. Mods make Elder Scrolls so great.