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  1. Let the birthday candle fires burn! ...with great Author-ity.
  2. I was considering writing a new chapter of one of my novels and submitting that, but it may not make sense out of context. Perhaps I'll do a one-shot inspired by it.
  3. As far as I know, the FB sign in for turntable.fm is an optional free pass of sorts, since people can also join via an email invite (which is supposedly given out slowly). The site isn't a Facebook app, so I assume the block is IP based or somesuch.
  4. There are supposedly workarounds that involve 1337 proxyhax... Not that I would suggest anyone do that or anything.
  5. I missed out on Danimal action the last time you played at Pulsewave NYC, so this "Negotiating Still" prospect for July seems promising.
  6. Round 4 is up for tonight! http://solidcomposer.com/arena/compete/188/
  7. So, who watched the new Futurama? What'd you think?
  8. More GRMRB coverage in my newest blog post with descriptions of the entries: http://blog.jhsounds.com/2011/06/finite-water-droplets.html
  9. EPIC 2011 BUMP: Hedgehog Hysteria now includes "Kevin Eggerman Rework" bonus track featuring elsalluz. Happy 20th anniversary, Sonic!
  10. How to pronounce "Wii U": http://neverwiialone.ytmnd.com/
  11. I enjoyed the Alice In Wonderland Narrative Soundtrack quite a bit, so naturally I think this album is great.
  12. This is a fun experience. It's the logical evolution of an all-requests radio show.
  13. Some more GRMRB coverage in my blog if you're into that sort of thing. http://blog.jhsounds.com/2011/06/when-i-blog-you.html
  14. It was decent. I'm glad they chose to focus on a handful of mutants and not the usual 9000+.
  15. The games I chose have been out for a while, so there was no need for me to transcribe MIDIs from scratch this time.
  16. There we are. I sent two of the catchiest challenges I could think of.
  17. http://brandonstrader.bandcamp.com/album/always-remember http://overcoat.bandcamp.com/album/gardens-ep http://www.flickerfall.com/index.php?page=store http://malcos.bandcamp.com/ off the top of my head.
  18. Some more coverage of GRMRB on my blog. http://blog.jhsounds.com/2011/06/next-generation.html You guys are awesome.
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