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  1. I think one word perfectly summarizes this video: damn.
  2. Cumshot (in A minor) http://goo.gl/doodle/RtjC Edit: I'm using Firefox btw
  3. There's a rectangular record button making up part of the lowercase "g" in the Google guitar logo. Hit that, strum away, the hit it again and a URL appears. You can also use your typing keyboard to play.
  4. Except Nintendo is bundling the Wii U controller with the console at launch, rather than having it be an optional combination. This means more incentive for developers to utilize the tech, since they know that each Wii U owner will have this setup right off the bat.
  5. Apparently Nintendo considered a touchscreen controller back then. I guess the world wasn't ready for it yet. http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/nov2006/tc20061116_750580.htm
  6. My GameCube never broke, and I once dropped my Wii 8 feet onto solid floor and still works to this day. Fucking resilience.
  7. Hey, we all started somewhere. Speaking of which, JHCompo is on tonight! http://compo.jhsounds.com/
  8. Not to mention the way Xavier becomes paralyzed in this film, which clashes with the Patrick Stewart iteration being able to walk in the X3 opening flashback.
  9. I also did a writeup of the Proto Man Bracket, if you're into that kind of thing.
  10. Excellent. I'll be sure to cover this in my blog along with the various other compos.
  11. Seconded. On a related note, whatever happened to that B-K album project that started a while back?
  12. It's been a month, but it is indeed a Dyne show night. http://areciboradio.com/home.html
  13. I did a writeup of the Mega Man Bracket entries, for those who may be interested. http://blog.jhsounds.com/2011/05/demand-and-panic.html
  14. For listeners who may want some more background info about the EP, check out my blog post about it. http://blog.jhsounds.com/2011/05/composer-spotlight-on-overcoat.html
  15. Hylian's entry for Hard Man had better be called "Hard Lemonade" OR ELSE IT
  16. I love the wood grain on that table... also the CD placed on it.
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