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  1. I still have Mumbo Jumbo from you, and I would not classify that as "exceedingly glitchy".
  2. www.soundclick.com/chavous It's called "Outta the Snow, Onto The Beach". That's the latest update of it.
  3. I do not have the time to create my idea for this one...I wanted to do a full ska representation, but due to time and limited resources it doesn't look too good.
  4. I was going to start a thread like this eventually. Except my idea was more along the lines of "Why do people like a band, then automatically hate them because they gained popularity?" That kind of thing pisses me off to no end. If you do that, then you never really liked the band in the first place. If you're gonna support them then FUCKING SUPPORT THEM. Jeez. Edit: I know what you mean about the "no heart" thing too (sorry, can't remember who said it and I'm too lazy to go look). This is a bit harder for me to pick out though, since I usually listen to the music itself, and mostly block out the lyrics.
  5. Oh, I am in on this. Not sure what's going to come of it though...
  6. I'm getting the same kind of feeling...I don't know. I like the new chord progression, considering I love the V -> V7 feeling, but with the sparse instrumentation, attention to the sample quality is important...and it does sound MIDI-ish. I never really liked Epona's theme (couldn't this also go under the Lon Lon ranch theme, too?), and this doesn't do much to change my mind for it. It just sounds very cliche to me...I'm not quite sure why. But hey, that's just my opinion. You can't please everyone, and it looks like you did a good job pleasing the majority.
  7. Ooooooh damn andyjayne. IMA DO SOMTHIN NOW YO. ...yea. I'll do it. It's not going to be good though.
  8. I would do this, but not only am I not an established remixer, you wouldn't be able to hear any sounds unless you had the soundfonts I have...and chances are you don't.
  9. Chavous

    Epic Love

    Where We Went Wrong - The Hush Sound Basically anything by the Magic Numbers. Example:
  10. Whoaa...I like it. I like it alot. I have several ideas for it too...but I can't do it today, it's a busy day. At the moment, I'm late too, so sorry, gotta go.
  11. I voted for the first time in ages. Haha, this was a close vote for me.
  12. Well that was...unexpected for a WIP. haha, thanks for everyone who voted for me. All these entries were good though. I'll have sonething in by Friday, Rexy.
  13. Yes, that works when raising the thirds. It does work the same when lowering. The only way it would be any different is if you were using a melodic minor scale, but that's a rare case. As for the sixths thing...drop the raised thirds an octave. Instant sixths. haha
  14. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=648944 It's called "Spelunking". Obviously, I didn't finish, and that synth at the end would not have been what the song would be if it was finished. And the melody would've changed every other time, if I worked at it.
  15. So I have a WIP..and I'm really liking the way it sounds...but this melody is amazingly difficult to work with. I don't quite know how I'm going to work with it..but we'll see. I'll at least have a semi-completed WIP by the end of this.
  16. Haha...a concept I should've expected from Nuts. Electronica is not exactly my cup of tea, but I'll take a wing at it.
  17. Or you can make it randomized. By the way, AWESOME SOURCE TUNE. I've heard so much about Cave Story but never bothered to check up on it at all. This song is amazingly remixable, especially for my favorite style. I'll see if I can pull a Jammy AlternRock/pop song out of this...
  18. WMP plays music while I do other things on the computer or off. That's perfect for me.
  19. Name a progression and style, and I'll make it for you. ^ Or sign up to where that person said.
  20. I have a WIP..but it's only about a minute ten due to lack of time...I haven't been home at all this week.
  21. Let's see... I'm picturing a battlefield with a whole bunch of dead soldiers, a few dying and a few roaming around. Very creepy...very atmospheric, very movie-scorish. The piano is a little thin and kinda sticks out. The strings are a little thin too and the attack is a little slow, but thats ok. I can't really imagine what's happening when the winds come in....and I'm not really seeing the fitting of the sunrise in here, unless the whole thing is what happens when the sun is risen? Overall..kind of short, a little boring, but very well made on the production side, save a couple things. Should be fun, see you in competition. haha
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