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  1. Primus - Detachable Penis
  2. The quality of this source tune amazes me... I'm a sucker for catchy melodies and interesting chord progressions...but I don't know what to do with this, we'll see.
  3. Haha yea...but it's a little under what I planned. Turns out it sounds better with the ending I put on it at 3:30, so that's the length of it...I just need to flesh it out quite a bit.
  4. ...This is going to be an amazing competition. I love the theme, it's perfect for my style...actually I have about 3:30 done already...it might end somewhere between 4 and 5 minutes.
  5. Don't force it. This was one thing I noticed early on. When you think about what you want to play, it comes out OK. When you just let it flow you can be VERY surprised at what comes out. Another thing is...if you are giong to solo, pick an effect where people can hear what the hell you're playing. That was mostly just a mess of sound because of that powerful delay. Edit: ACtually, it's not that bad. just keep working on it.
  6. You've should've ignored it andy, this is a free board. Anyway, congrats to everyone who entered. I wasn't even expecting to be entered in this, so I've very surprised I got where I did. I noticed alot of people went for similar styles, which is pretty cool. Great minds think alike. Anyway, here's a continuation of the WIP (I don't know if this is what you were expecting to happen, but this is how I imagined it): http://media.putfile.com/fartoolazy-20 Thanks to everyone, this is an awesome competition. I just wish I wasn't so lazy. haha
  7. I have something started but I am far too lazy to finish it. Sorry. WIP: http://media.putfile.com/fartoolazy It would've went into a smooth jazz kinda thing for pretty much the rest of the song but I got lazy.
  8. No, it's not a raised 6th either... Break it down, if you were talking about an A major scale, you would have this: A B C# D E F# G# A Adding the dorian onto it (now it's "A dorian") lowers the 3rd and 7th: A B C D E F# G A So it isn't a raised sixth.
  9. Search, man. Get your hands dirty. http://www.kvraudio.com/get.php?mode=results&st=adv&soft=e&type%5B%5D=68&type%5B%5D=74&type%5B%5D=58&f=0&fe=0&linux=1&osx=1&win=1&free=1&com=1&un=1&sf=0&receptor=&de=0&sort=1&rpp=15
  10. Prophet, I think you may be a little off. A dorian - A B C D E F# G A Thats a lowered 3rd and lowered 7th, not what you said it was. Also - alot of arabic music uses the Aeolian mode in Harmonic minor form. I'm not so sure about the phyrigian observation. As for indian music, I don't know, I've never listened to it.
  11. Alright, mostly everyone here knows the only "Stairway to Heaven backwards" trick by now, and although it's freaky, this was not intentional by the band. The freakier ones are the ones placed in the song seemingly intentionally. Here is a song I've been listening to since it came out of the first NOW! That's What I call music CD. It was released in 1998, and I discovered the message in 2005 while half asleep. I have found no information since then about this message, nor do I know of anybody else who's heard it. So maybe you guys can crack the code or whatever... "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger. Unfiltered Clip: Click here to watch Flagpole-Sitta-non-filtered-clip I've tried everything to figure out what it's saying...but I got nothin'. Here is the closest I've gotten: http://media.putfile.com/Flagpole-Sitta-filtered-clip So...thoughts? Questions? Ideas?
  12. "Evenflow" by Pearl Jam (This is by no means my favorite). Are you telling me this isn't a rockin' song because it's (or was) mainstream?
  13. http://www.nomadfactory.com/products/rockamp/index.html Awesome amp plugin. $300 is a little steep though...
  14. This would be a cool idea, except I've always hated using FL Defaults, plus the fact I'm not quite sure what they are. So overall, great idea, but I <3 my soundfonts + effects.
  15. ^ Kid, shut up. Take your ritalin and relax. Google, 3rd link: http://www.pipex.co.uk/products/mini/ http://www.pipex.co.uk/products/midi/ http://www.pipex.co.uk/products/max/ AND I don't even live in England. The internet can give your as much information as you can find, you know. Now please control your ADD.
  16. Because I dislike the source. There is nothing memorable about it.
  17. I determined it was in the key of C based on the chords. The two chords to start it off were G and F. There are only 3 natural major chords in every key signature, so that's the place to start in this situation. It can't be the key of G because then the F chord wouldn't fit (there are F#s in the key of G major). It also can't be the key of F because then the G chord wouldn't fit (it would be minor because of the Bbs). Since it can't have any flats or sharps, obviously it's the key of C major. The F#s and Bbs that are added every once in a while are just passing tones, used for color. Now, of the C scale, there are seven degrees (notes). C d e F G a b On each of these degrees, a chord can be made with the other degrees in the scale. These chords built on these degrees are called "chord functions" and are shown with roman numerals. C d e F G a b* I ii iii IV V vi vii* The lowercase letters are the minor chords, and the uppercase ones are major. the "*" signifies a diminished (it's usually a circle, but that is the only symbol close to it).
  18. That's Bdim7. don't get them confused. Overanalyzing will still make it worse. Or trying to analyize too much at once. Fiddle de Chocobo: Key of C Major Chord Progressions: Intro: G (V chord), F (IV chord), G, F, G, F, G, Bb (major of a flatted seventh...very interesting, I've never seen it before. I guess the chord function would be bVII or something...), G, F , G, F, G, F, G, F Main melody: Key of G Major (yes, it changes keys for the main melody) C (IV chord), D (V chord), G (I chord), Bmin.7 (iii chord), C, D, G, G7 (I7 chord), C, D, G, Bmin.7, F (VII chord), D Repeat intro sequence again. Transition to bridge: G chord Bridge: Key of Bb major SAME PROGRESSION AS INTRO, except transposed a whole step lower. So that's most of the song. That was a difficult piece to start out on, especially if you are easily confused as you seem to be (no offense, it's a hard subject for most people). Practice a little more and you can get it down.
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