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  1. Wish I'd noticed this thread sooner. I'll try and conjure something up. Besides, I'm on holiday and it'll be good to write something creative for the first time since high school that wasn't a report or essay. I'm interested to see what kind of music someone matches to my words.
  2. Don't beat him in a game, beat him with a bloody baseball bat. Now that I'll watch. God, everytime that wanker's song comes on on the street (or when someone I know decides to turn it on which usually ends with me throwing a mouthful of curses at them and turning it off), I have to block my ears to protect my brain from the sheer shit. But anyways, since the gauntlet's been thrown down, someone may as well put him in his place.
  3. Alrighty, I'll do something productive for once and start reviewing stuff. I felt the remix was slighty repetitive...nah, that's not the right word, just didn't go as far as it could've I think is a better phrase. Nevertheless, it's an awesome song to listen to. Had a nice bassline to it and a catchy, upbeat tune to follow. Good stuff.
  4. Compared to down here in Australia where our awesome ratings board can't stop banning games.
  5. I would also have Liam Neeson voice Captain Dynamite.
  6. I second that notion. Similar problem makes shooting behind cover woefully broken too. It's as if they decided to draw an impervious rectangle around every object in the game preventing you from shooting slightly to the side of whatever the hell it is you're taking cover behind or in between the nooks and crannies, eg) through car windows. That and the allied AI gives me the shits. None of em seem to have enough brain capacity to jump down small ledges. "Lets go Dogmeat"...."Dogmeat has died".
  7. I for one had no idea what the hell an Uncanny Valley was....anyways, nice work again.
  8. Happens to me all the time. I've never played 2/3 of the games these remixes originate from.
  9. Dunnowhathuh

    PC RPGs?

    Yeh, I was wondering whether or not I should shove them in the list but I figured what the heck, they're awesome. Can't believe KotoR didn't pop up in my head the first time around.
  10. Skrypnyk, you're so totally out of the loop...wait what? Sarcasm? What's that? Seriously though, the internets needs a sarcasm button cuz most people don't pick it up very well. It's all words on a page afterall. But anyway, TheHands has it down. I know I'm less inclined to review a song if I think there's something wrong with it cuz frankly, I don't really care. I also don't have enough street cred to be critical anyway.
  11. Dunnowhathuh

    PC RPGs?

    Deus Ex, System Shock 2/Bioshock, Diablo, the Fallout series, the Elder Scrolls series, Final Fantasy VIII was also on the PC, Mass Effect. That's all that immediately springs to my mind but there's a hell of a lot more out there. Not entirely sure what your definition of "simple" is.
  12. Still unsure which version of the game I'm getting (PS3 or PC). Not exactly a big fan of shooters on consoles cuz I absolutely suck at controller related aiming. On the flip side, my computer is getting kinda dated and I dunno if it'll run the game at full potential. They have barely made even a wimper about the PC version so all I can really do is wait for reviews before I decide.
  13. Don't like the idea of receiving more of the SCII story over three-ish years. Waited all this time for a conclusion (or at least expansion) on the game's storyline only to find out I'm gonna get 2 more "to be continued"'s before a "the end" or at least, that's how I interpret it. Oh well. So long's each game has enough content to merit me paying whatever the price tag is, I guess I'll cop it play along. I'm sort of confused about DIII though, does that mean it's gonna ship after ALL THREE SCII's or after the Terran campaign?
  14. Dunnowhathuh

    Hl2 mods

    Could pass as a "recommend me some..." thread though. I've been looking for some good HL2 mods, will get to grabbing some of those now.
  15. This is actually the first I've heard of it....haven't been living under a rock or in a cave or some stupidly isolated area. Maybe I actually did hear about it and my brain just blocked it out.
  16. Ay, maybe this'll stop people from being complete pricks on the internet....nope, I doubt it. Not saying that this guy was actually being a prick or anything. Either way, killing over an internet squabble may have been a bit much.
  17. Actually, he basically said that he doesn't give a stuff that it's 15 bucks cuz us Aussies are used to the shitty prices we have to pay for games. Well, I think "used to" is a misleading phrase, I believe bloody pissed off but there's no real point in complaining anymore cuz nothing's gonna change is a better one.
  18. Can't say I've ever heard of a degree specialising in gaming here in Oz (or at least around Sydney metro). Lemmie double check that....nope, nothing. One of the things a person should ALWAYS do if they want to go into tertiary education is research the degree they want. That should honestly be university/college 101. I dunno how the education system works in the other parts of the world but all of the universities here let you transfer out of a degree pretty much at any time. So if the degree you're in is going to screw you over, you can transfer out (provided you have the marks to do so). I did that in my second year. Was doin a forensics degree but heard that getting jobs in the field was a bitch so I transferred out. If any of you are in a specialised gaming degree and are really worried, I'd suggest doing the same if your place of educational facility allows it. The best thing is, you can transfer to a generalised computer degree instead and you'd probably get exemptions for some subjects meaning you don't have to start your degree from zero. One last thing, it's imperative that whilst you're in tertiary education, network with people in the business of the degree you're in and hopefully they can help find you some work. A good chunk of the people I know did that and now have graduate jobs. Also, if your place holds careers nights, GO TO THEM.
  19. I don't get tired of Virt's stuff.
  20. I really don't pay enough attention to these threads, only found out just now this whole shenanigan took place. Well then, glad everything's sorted.
  21. I really hope they don't completely and utterly destroy a good name here. Never been a big fan of turning anime into live action movies.
  22. That series was friggin awesome. Personally, I'm happy to see the series has come to a close. Some shows just seem to go on forever and many of em get old and crappy so although it's sad to see Avatar end, it's good that it went out on a high. I wouldn't mind seeing an episode in the future that catches up with the characters down the track though. Oh, and Sokka should've added a rainbow.
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