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  1. Don't think I'd be able to play on any server not local to Australia without gettin horrid lag. Sniping's sure an interesting experience when I do play on a foreign server. Good thing the other classes don't rely on twitch hitting as much. On a different note - the medic achievements annoy me.
  2. Ah, so the odd grey area isn't just happening to me then. The divisions of the topics into their own little box is still nice nevertheless.
  3. Haven't finished P3 so far but I like what I have played. Doesn't seem like anyone is gonna take up the distribution rights for FES in Australia anytime soon but if someone does, I'd definitely pick it up.
  4. I would've been surprised if he didn't bash SSBB actually, he just seems like the type to do so haha. In the meantime, I'll wait for the Australian release of the game on the.....oh wait, AUSTRALIA HASN'T GOT A FUCKING RELEASE DATE FOR THE DAMN GAME YET (other than a vague "June 2008" that is). Though I'd guess it'd be after the European June 27 date. I'm surprised I haven't Freeloader'd the bitch yet.
  5. For me, it's one of those things that's so stupid it's funny rather than annoying. I can think of plenty of other music I find much more annoying haha.
  6. This is my 4th year at uni (my first 2 years at the University of Western Sydney and the most recent 2 years at the University of New South Wales). I'm a pharmacology major and pathology minor. My first year was spent doing Environmental Health. First half of my second year I transferred to forensic science (was going to specialise in ballistics) and then I transferred again second half of my second year to where I am now. I woulda stayed on in forensics but job positions for that field are scarce here in Australia.
  7. 70% of the times I rolled a special ability, it was with the last guy on the damn screen. Yeh, gameplay in No More Heroes was pretty repetitive though for some strange reason, I didn't mind it too much.
  8. There's been a few of em. Recently, it's been The Passing of the Blue Crown by Sixto, Steppo and zircon. Obviously, my guitar play is pitiful compared to Sixto's, though since he doesn't break out into crazy guitar solo in this one, it's easy to follow. I think the majority of music I try to work out are ones made by the community here (or people who are close to it at least) since tabs and sheets are hard to come by.
  9. Nah, though that might change 20 or 30 years from now. My chronic back injury definitely makes me feel old though.
  10. I laughed much after he mentioned just how fucked up Australian release dates are. I forgot No More Heroes even existed until I watched this weeks review. I know Gamespot's reputation has hit the shitter but they've interviewed Yahtzee
  11. My steam ID is the same as my OCR handle. Haven't played TF2 in a while though but hopefully I'll get around to playin again soon. Already joined the group several weeks ago.
  12. Ooo, awesome, thanks for the link. Loved the music in DX1. Was never too fond of the DX2 soundtrack though.
  13. Been reading The Naked God by Peter Hamilton for the past 6 months. I have a habit of taking ages to read books even when they are really good. I remember taking over a year to read the Da Vinci Code.
  14. SGX and MC's More Than A Weapon seems to play out pretty good. I sucked at it but nevertheless, I reckon it works well.
  15. Loved this song when I heard it on DoD. Still rockin it now.
  16. I love the awesome series but MGA 1 & 2 are REALLY awesome.
  17. Didn't mind the voice personally. Adds some humour to the mix in my opinion. I once did the exact same thing for a presentation of mine and half of my class found it annoying and the other half loved it. Loved that picture with the penguin with the cymbals standin over the polar bear haha.
  18. Daily. OCR songs make up just over a third of my playlist so they pop up very often.
  19. Heh, enjoyed the TF2 cameo at the end of the Sim City Societies one.
  20. Have to wait till the 28th to get it down here. I'm presuming we're getting a censored version as well since the addition of the blood would've probably given the game an R down here which means it gets banned from sales (I really do hate the Australian rating system). Can't say I'm fussed about that though. My only worry is that I won't finish the game - to date I am yet to finish any of the single player games on the Wii that I have.
  21. This was unexpected to say the least. Never good when anyone that young dies.
  22. Ooo, cool, always been a big fan of the music in this game. Will get to downloading it right now.
  23. "Hmmm, I dunno what my screen name should be", and it just kinda carried on from there.
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