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  1. Holy mother of...what the...wow....that's honestly one of the most horrendous examples of voice acting I've ever heard. I didn't know if to laugh or cry. But seriously it HAS to be fake right....seriously....? Gotta love how that "Yeahhhh!" had two syllables though.
  2. Well ain't that a kick in the balls for Sony. Now I'll echo the rest of you in saying I wish MGS4 was ported over, that way I wouldn't have to buy a PS3 at all. Not that I hate Sony, it's just price wise, I could buy a 360 and have enough money left over to buy PC upgrades....and a nice lunch and dinner....and some dessert.
  3. Wow, he put CAD in a guillotine, chopped off its head and proceeded to bum rape it with a cattle prod.
  4. Yay!!! That's bloody great news. Been years since I last played that game.
  5. I love mine. Don't play it as often as I used to but I don't plan to get rid of it any time soon. So yes, I think it's worth it. In terms of games, all the good ones I can think of have been mentioned already except for the original Soul Calibur which I can recommend. I can't help mentioning Skies of Arcadia again as well.
  6. Dunnowhathuh

    Diablo III

    The new health orb system seems like a quicker way to die. I guess that's what they intended though with their intention of making the battles the central focus. I like what they came up with to fix the whoever doesn't lag when a boss dies gets the item problem. No doubt every D2 player has clicked like fucking crazy when the items drop at least once in their lives.
  7. Ay, everyone here who isn't Australian should try buying an Aussie PS3. You pay more for it than the rest of the world AND you get a Bluray movie player that you can't use with the movies you bought in your country because of region lock! It'll be awesome..... But in all seriousness, I do feel sorta sorry for Sony but it's their fault for screwing the whole process in the first place. I really do wonder what they were thinking when they first realised that "oh crap, these production costs are huge" and if they honestly thought people would jump to buy such an overly expensive thing (even if they were willing to make a loss from the get go). Fortunately for them, Sony isn't gonna go bankrupt any time soon so they can afford to take the hit even if they don't like it.
  8. I don't think there are any (apart from the games that were made to be played over and over again, like mutiplayer games). Only game I can think of that I've played more then twice is FFVII but that was probably only 3 times...or less cuz I don't actually remember finishing it the third time.
  9. Never. I can't really think of a neuroscience based answer for that phenomenon (either cuz there isn't one cuz it's bullocks or cuz we haven't covered it in my course material). Nevertheless, interesting thing some of you are experiencing there.
  10. He's right, money wasted on a bad PS3 game can buy a lot of Cornettos and they're delicious.
  11. It's like offering an olive branch to all the unregistered users out there....only to be shot down by the more l33t of OCR. Not sure why I picked Cloud, probably cuz of some mild fanboyism for the game. Been thinking of changing it but it's been unchanged for 4 years, has some sorta sentimental value now.
  12. I'm so tempted to go and get the damn thing right now. 4 things holding me back though: aussie PS3 = expensive, aussie MGS4 = expensive, goin to Japan at the end of the year so I may as well get everything then (couldn't give a stuff about movies for the Blu-Ray player, I'd just have the PS3 for its games) and I'm kinda starting my final exams for the semester. Bah, I still want it now though.
  13. Yay, about time this mix showed up. First heard this version of the song a while back, still hooked. Find myself reaching for my guitar almost every single time I hear it. Kudos to you guys.
  14. Main game now is Mass Effect for the PC. Too bad I had to stop to study for finals.
  15. Pretty much all things relating to a guitar over a period of about 15 years. Picked up a classical acoustic when I was about 7 I think (didn't really take it seriously, was more interested in the TV). In early high school, I picked up the bass guitar for a bit. Late high school, going into uni which was about 4-5 years ago now, my dad bought a nice acoustic guitar for the family (well, I say family but I hog the thing most of the time). Not long after that, I bought myself a couple of electric guitars and have been playing em all ever since. Poor classical acoustic gets neglected though, don't think I've played the thing for about 3 years.
  16. Few months away from turning 22. I'm part of that forgotten crew called the PC gamer so that's my primary platform. In terms of the 3 big consoles though, the Wii is the only new console I have but it doesn't get used too often. I do intend to get a PS3 one day but not a 360 (not cuz I hate the console but more cuz all the exclusive titles I would play are on the PS3 and usually the good 360 games get released for the PC sooner or later anyway). When that day does come I probably wouldn't show a preference for either, if anything both would probably sit there gathering dust until a new game is to be finished.
  17. Looks like these videos of yours are becoming pretty popular on the internets, kudos to ya.
  18. This week's review shows us why I prefer not to take Yahtzee's reviews seriously and more for their comedic value. I'd probably say the same about his review for SSBB but I haven't played it yet. Though I couldn't help but nod throughout his talk on The World Ends With You's battle system.
  19. I'm annoyed that I missed that concert. Hadn't heard about A Night in Fantasia until 2006/7 and as a result missed out on seeing the main man himself in the flesh. Did get to see Yasunori Mitsuda in action though in the '06 and '07 concerts.
  20. They didn't let my school have a senior prank, mainly cuz someone in a nearby school almost got killed trying to pull of their prank. School was threatening to throw the book at us if we had pulled one off. We did have one planned though. The grass on our school sporting grounds were kinda lacking life (heck, it didn't even need to be cut it was that dead) so instead of doing the norm and killing off the grass and spelling out something in the process, we decided we'd plant grass seeds and spell something out that way. Wish I'd seen that pac man one back in my high school days, I'm sure my teachers wouldn't have given a crap if we'd done that.
  21. Got myself a DS last week. Haven't played The World Ends With You too much though (probably cuz I find the protagonist a bit of a dickhead though I'm sure that changes the further you get through the game?). I think I've been playin tetris a bit too much, it's as if I went and got a DS just for that.
  22. Doin' better than I am. I've only got 4 outta the 39 achievements haha. Tryin to shoot scouts with your needle gun is like tryin to swat a fly with a friggin chopstick.
  23. Mark Hamill, I've rarely seen that guy get appreciated for his voice work and I've always thought he was pretty good. Always loved Tara Strong's and John Di Maggio's stuff too.
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