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  1. I wanted to create an atmospheric and ambient remix of the wonderful Dragonborn theme of Skyrim. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. I've been working on a new EP with lots of chiptune elements that will be releasing in December. I thought I'd share a little sample of it. The EP will be a mix of chiptune elements, acoustic piano pieces, ambient electronic music and analog synths. Hope you guys like it! I'll be updating pretty regularly on my channel as we head to release. Hope you all are having a great day!
  3. Here's a quick rpg theme I recently composed. It is supposed to emulate a scene where the protagonists of the story are reflecting around a campfire and under the stars (hence the sequenced synth at the beginning and the end). All feedback is welcome :D.
  4. Hey all, finished work on my latest album this last weekend. Just thought I'd drop a link here. Check it out!
  5. Hi,here's a music that i made,tell me what do you think please :
  6. The soundcloud one has better sound quality. The youtube one shows a screen capture of the track in FL Studio.
  7. Hey everyone My first attempt at remixing. Any feedback is appreciated! Currently working on balancing, and getting some of the muddy-ness out of the mix (I'm a noob at production tho).
  8. Part of a series of remixes called 'Hidden Palace,' from a Toronto collective called The OIC, check out more info on the project: http://theloveorchestra.com Free MP3 download at: http://soundcloud.com/loveorchestra/lava-reef
  9. I tried to combine orchestral and ambient to give a sort of forest feel.
  10. Command & Conquer 'On the Prowl Redux' YES! I love Command & Conquer (the Red Alert series may have been better, but still) and I love Scott Peeples. Why don’t we mash the two together and see what happens. Massive action flick style cool song madness! My only suggestion would be to give this one a tad more power, because it sounds a tad soft for Command & Conquer. Besides that, I can only say that this is one that you shouldn't miss. Peeples always sets us up with awesome tunes, never fails.
  11. I'd love some feedback on my round 1 remix from the Castlevania compo (going on right now over at http://ocremix.org/community/topic/42341-castlevania-cacophony-of-incarnation-2016/?page=1) Any feedback is welcome! You can either post your comments in this thread or on SoundCloud. I plan on submitting this to the OCR judges panel. Lyrics: You say love should feel this way You say love can ease the pain I fear my choice is unclear I fear I could disappear Ruin, sorrow, your love leaves me hollow In the darkness you won't find me here anymore Jaded, blinded, your voice drew me in Our love was misguided but I won't be fooled again You've become a Vampire You broke my heart and drank my soul One day you'll finally meet your fate In the darkness shadows wait for you I won't be your victim and my revenge is overdue You've become a vampire And now I'm here to vanquish you This night you'll finally meet your fate
  12. Super Metroid 'Maridia (Drowned in Exile)' If you have an appreciation for deep and moody ambiance, this is where its at. The only sound that doesn't appeal to me in this one is the lead melody which plays through most of the song. It sounds off key and lacks the ability to convey what I would call, audio pleasure. It's also a little sharp. Take away that, however, and in my opinion you have one hell of an interesting piece of ambiance. Not for everyone, but try it out just too see. Great work, Children of the Monkey Machine.
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