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Appreciation for the artists.


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(I'm pretty sure I got this in the right forum area.)

This is my first time ever posting on OCremix forums. I actually made this account specificly for this post. I may be a new poster but I am by no means new to this site. For well over a few years I've stumbled across a song here and there from some of my favorite games that I've played as a child and young adult. Some songs I found from friends others because I searched for a remix from a certain game that I hold dear in my heart. Final Fantasy, Chrono Chross, Suikoden, Kingdom Hearts and more, you guys have mixed them all.

I will not name specific artists because that would completely ruin the very reason I'm making this post to begin with. What you have all done is more than make a mere remix of something that was already created. You've given musical peices new life and taken my mind and feelings in places that the originals hadn't. It's taken on a life of it's own and I will remember it just as much as the song that you drew your inspiration from.

So many of you have talent that is equivalent to the very musical artists you've drawn inspiration from. Sometimes you've even made a masterpeice so great that the original doesn't even hold a candle to the life you've given to the composition. This site is filled with so much talent that it serves as a constant source for inventive, new and emotion filled musical scores.

I would like to thank you all for your hard work on the musical peices that fill my musical library and my thoughts. I've not browsed the forums so I'm not sure how often you guys might read this sort of thing but I felt compelled to write this after listening to yet another score that caught my mind within its melody and emotion.

I send my deepest thanks to all the artists of OCremix for your time, devotion and hard work that you put into these masterpeices you grace this site and the world with. You all have my utmost appreciation and I hope you all are blessed in all that you do.

To all the artists of OCremix,

from a compelled fan.

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I had been occasionally visiting this site for a couple years until maybe half a year ago when I started playing an instrument myself. Only then did I learn to appreciate the brilliant talent a lot of the remixers here have. Big thanks to all the artists here. Your work does not go unnoticed.

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