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April is Support OCR month

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I bought a shirt for the first time. Been coming here since, what, '01 or '02. Either way, it's been a while, and sadly this is my first contribution to the site. The idea to make a month to support OCR to get people's asses into gear is genius. Some of us need that push sometimes.

And, if the shirt is as awesome as I'm hoping it'll be, I'll buy a white one too soon after, just because I love this place that much.


EDIT: After reading the whole thread, start to finish, I've understood the gravity of the situation on a long term scale. My first reaction was to donate $1,000,000,000 immediately. But since this is more of a LONG TERM issue, I think I'll just have to donate in tiny increments every month until the end of time.

...but I'll still order another T-shirt before the month is over, just in spirit of the occasion. =)

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You mean last week or in the 1980's? I'm not trying to take over the thread, I'm trying to convince more Europeans to donate, now that it's so cheap for us to do so.

It's cheap for pretty much anyone who isn't from the US to donate. The Canadian/Aussie dollar is at it's highest for a long time. The GBP and Euro are also doing strongly against the USD.

Putting it literally, OCR will get almost double the income from currency conversion now than it would have 5 years ago.

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DJP, is there any way to get other international retailers involved in contributing a portion of orders made with them to the site? You'd have gotten a fair bit of donation money from me if Amazon and ZZounds weren't US-only.

indeed. i'm a fair user of amazon france. so that would be cool to support ocr, while i am at it. But that look complex to link ocr to all the amazon version available.

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Here's another way you can get some more money to the site, if you're still on the fence. If you buy any of my CDs through my website or CD Baby, I will donate $2 from each sale to OCR**. You can show you're buying the CD via OCR by emailing me a note (aaversa@gmail.com) after making the purchase through Paypal, or simply writing "OCR" when CD Baby asks you where you heard about me. I'll be doing this through the end of April.

**The only exception is if you do the $5 deal on CD Baby, since I basically only get $2, and the CDs cost $2 to make.

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OCR is having a baby?


Also, I want to clarify that I will buy 2 t-shirts as soon as I figure out what size. Help me!

You know those ads shape themselves to your searching tendencies...

Does anyone else think it funny that it's right beside The Wingless's name? I wonder...

<3 for all the contributions everyone! Let's keep the ball rolling! I'm thrilled to see the level of support y'all have shown so far! :nicework::nicework::nicework:

Also, speaking of the links, everyone, be sure to click on 'em from time to time and check out some of the stuff they show. That's a super easy (and free) way to generate revenue for the site. Even if you need to check on Semen Donation info! :)

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