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UPDATED: OC ReMix will be returning in 2010 for ROFLCon II: Electric Boogaloo Judgment Day (This Time It's Personal)!!

If you're in the Cambridge, MA area come see us embarrass ourselves and treat Internet like the serious business it is, academically speaking.

Our panel is 11:30 to 1:00 on Saturday, May 1st. It is called "Running the Tubes" - because we do!

It will also be STREAMED LIVE like back in 2008, so you don't have to miss a single second of Larry Oji even if you won't be there in person.

Here's cool stuff from ROFLCon I, where legendary things happened such as our giving the one and only Leeroy Jenkins an OCR hoodie and Tron Guy stealing the show from everyone:



David Lloyd & Larry Oji with Drew Curtis of Fark.com (Brawndo has what Larry craves).

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All kidding aside, attendees were well aware that "The Internet is serious business," as the saying goes.

I just have to throw that out there. I get accused of the "serious business" aspect all the time. I just wanted a reference to throw.

Also, excellent way to grab the mention on CNN, add another notch in your belt OCR!

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Yeah that's one lousy transcript. Cool to see you guys on there with other well known site admins though! Kudos.

That was just the short form. They'll have video down the line, so I'm definitely looking forward to that!

In other ROFLCon-related news that I neglected to mention, you can check out djp and myself in footage from Alexis Ohanian's ROFL initiative for One Laptop Per Child. We're behind Tron Guy, how hilarious is that. If you thought he was freaky as hell, you have not seen him working that suit in person. Light it up, Tron.

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