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I no longer have Guitar Hero 3...

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... it will return some day in the future. Hopefully before I move. Why I couldn't exchange it at Gamestop I'll never know, Activision is dumb.

In the mean time, I guess I'll play songs from Guitar Hero 3 on my guitar, and drool over GH Aerothingy and GH4 coming out this year. Is anyone getting just the GH Aerosmith disc? I want the guitar too so I'll probably get the whole pack....

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hooray for more stupid livejournal threads from our beloved bluefox

Indeed. Not to mention VAGUE ones. I swear these types of threads are increasing on these forums.

It is unmod!!! Karma has struck us!!!

(ignore me, I haven't had any intelligent conversation in a while :<)

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See now you're crossing the line man.


Hey, I gotta feed my family. I can't sit around and wait for new contracts to be drawn up. The way this strike is going, that'll be months from now.


*GASP!* How did you know my super identity?!


I'm not into cannibalism, so I'll have to pass.

DS has angries.

Although in his defense it was an incredibly insensitive thing to say.

Um, what?

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