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OCR Cribs (the "Post Pics of your Studio Area" thread!)

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My space after recently getting around to actually setting it up. Not complete, but it works for the moment.  Starting off with the DAW itself. A couple of HP ZR22w monitors, Neumann KH120A for m

Haven't done one of these in so long....

My room was so full of shit, I couldn't even setup my guits anymore, so I decided to use massonite sheets and hang them with the tools.. should have done that earlier !!

Posted Images

What was actually recording this? Was it a camera which was picking up the sound from wherever your speakers were? Or was the sound fed directly into it?

I just noticed a guitar sitting in the background :)

edit: he's wearing headphones so probably he mixed the sound with the video later.

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Yeah, max is right. Logic was recording MIDI from the controllers and audio from the analogue effects. I bounced it afterwards.

I've recorded straight from my digital camera's mic before, but it's too noisy (incredible singing analoq)

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[00:12] <Suzumebachi> big fat ruminant

[00:37] <@soc> http://soundtempest.net/soc/imgswf/STUDIOVer3.5-1.jpg

[00:37] <@soc> http://soundtempest.net/soc/imgswf/STUDIOVer3.5-2.jpg

[00:37] <@soc> http://soundtempest.net/soc/imgswf/STUDIOVer3.5-3.jpg

[00:37] <@soc> http://soundtempest.net/soc/imgswf/STUDIOVer3.5-4.jpg

[00:40] <Skrypnyk> AREN'T WE LOOKING POSH

[00:40] <@soc> http://www.hatingitmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/victoriabeckham-posh-spice.jpg

[00:40] <@soc> ?

My newest addition: Cute little Tapco Mix60

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Quick question:

How the hell do you guys deal with cords? I have like a billion of them now since I got this mixer. I'm trying my best not to knot them up or anything :P

I'll probably have a way better time of it when I move out of my parents house, and out of this little 10x10 room :'3

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ah, I think I have one velcro tie thing somewhere :3

problem is the cords are very far apart :P I have like 4 consoles going into my TV on one side, then my mixer has about 8 cords going to the back of it plus my headphones, because I have no room for monitors :(

it's fine for now though, I suppose

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that's totally doable if you do that GATTAI thing with the ATi cards.

When i got my Radeon X1650 I looked at the box and was like "Holy shit you can hook up FOUR of these things? Holy shit"

it must get really fucking hot unless you have a tiny Mr. Freeze in your computer. ICE AGE!

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Okay, here's the mini "studio" I'm working from while on vacation at my mother in laws house in Tacoma, WA. Huge thanks to norg for lending me that Axiom 25 and his 5 string bass. In all I'm running everything off of that little laptop. Mainly working with Cubase 4, Drumkit From Hell Superior (Superior 2.0 as soon as it ships :D:D:D) and various softsynths and libraries. The instruments are a Hohner B Bass V, Carvin DC127 guitar, shitty strat copy which I have modified into a 7 string (B to B tuning) and a badass green pickup and scalloped fingerboard. Not pictured are the little practice amp that I'm running Waves GTR3 through, and my Shure SM57 that records it.


Oh, and norg and I built that awesome table together last year because I had no place to record music when I visited here. I've "modified" it (aka put hooks and hangers on it) in a way that keeps the floor and surrounding area totally free from loose cabling. My work area is totally clean and very conducive to music creation.

P.S. Yeah, I know the date on the camera is wrong, I forget to set it... :(

Woah I have a Dell Inspiron, an Axiom 25, and those same headphones! I've got a chair and a mouse too!!!!

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