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OCR00969 - Wolfenstein 3D "Nazi Requiem"


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I hate "that mass-murdering f--k-head" more than anyone else, and I don't find them disturbing in the least. They set an ambience that goes along perfectly with the theme of the song - the sorrows of war.

Also, Dionyseus is correct - someone should do a Red Alert mix about Stalin.

That's a fairly shallow thing to say. But you're right about the way they add to the ambience. After all, the voice clips didn't cause the holocaust, the man did.

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This song was DOPE! You could visualize the soldiers marching down a ruined town, you could see Hitler giving his legions a pep talk, you could feel it in your heart. It was one of the most impacting remixes I've ever heard. Mazedude, please teach me just a minute part of your remixing knowledge, so that I may be able to become as great as you!!

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Firstly: This post is just to plot down my opinion and I thought It'd be worth to do.

Secondly: Thank you for the translation of the audio used of Hitler.

I'll go on with this point (not really being coherent but bleh).

After all, there wasn't a whole big bunch of memorable music to that game, and what actually was there ran in five to ten second loops. how could anyone possibly do something good with that?

As I stumbled across the remix from John Romero's site I went across his Game Music page and pretty much taking any remix of any game I played. Scrolling down I came across MazeMan's remix. (I've looked around alot of OCremix and I've decided to get some background to the song).

As soon as I loaded the song on my media player I was introduced by the Heils of Hitler and the soldiers.

Piano is introduced with a marching snare. Mazeman used the next audio cut extremely well to then bring on the electronic drums, subtle strings and the dominant trumpet (which brings you the familiar melody which mazeman I presume worked the song round).

After using another heil from the soldiers, Mazeman introduces more strings to give more layering to the piece making it more of an orchestra still based round the eletronic drums. The strings emphasize emotion, the eletronic drums keeping the retro feel.

At 1:30 the single string note leads us back into the marching snare with the piano again using the audio clip MazeMan brings us back into the full song again. This time however the strings are more lifted and at the end of the bars the strings travel down and the tempo drops.

Once again the piano is introduced with eletronic drums, and the strings are a more creepy and eerie feeling to them. Building up again Mazeman I believe makes this part his own. Dropping the tempo again and bringing us back into the original song.

Leaving us to a sad ending leaving an agressive speech.

Like I said this post was just a plot of whats on the brain. If you read it thanks ;D

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It took me a lot of time to figure out how I felt about this song.

I wasnt that much into Wolfenstein 3-D as a kid. And frankly, I found the Hitler samples disturbing. Even with no knowledge of german, I could feel the power in his voice. It never made it to my permanent mix rotation until recently. I'd like to think I matured a bit from the first time I heard the song. Now it is one of my favourite remixes here because the song itself seems to grow out of the videogame music genre. It is a powerful song which include quotes from a very influencial leader.

Great work, and even though I took a long time to come around to liking the song, I really enjoy it now.

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The sound was very well mastered. I thought of it in my (WIP) Memphis Belle fanfic which follows Mother And Country's last crewmen. The only problem is...:arrow::nicework:

Hitler. Sorry to sound immature, but being a true blood American and listening to this song gives me a strange chill. Overall- Stupendous. 4.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

99999999999999999999999 out of 5

I like that hat with the spike on top. It's one of the coolest parts of the uniform. :D

Actually, the Picklehaube (Pimplehead) spike was only used in WW1. It was silly because the spikes kept getting plinked by snipers.

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Well, I guess it was inevitable that the second most recognisable human being of all time would end up on OverClocked Remix. As of 20th February, no Jesus mixes. I guess some areas are just off limits.

As for my thoughts on the music, I actually enjoy it quite a lot. The emotion that a lot of people have discussed totally missed me, I have to say. I didn't feel much of anything. Maybe it's because I'm cold and bitter, or maybe because the thought of taking Wolfenstein seriously is laughable. It's just like trying to write a touching drama fanfiction based around the characters of 'According to Jim'. No matter how much talent is there, what's already been established remains imprinted. Also, the music seems just a little too upbeat and full to be considered heart-crushing or tearjerking.

That's not to say I don't like this. I really like it. I just like it for different reasons. It's a dark remix, but it's also slightly fun. Much like Wolfenstein itself. Just like in Wolfenstein, we believe Hitler himself could be behind every corner, down every corridor. But maybe, just maybe, he's in a mech. Tongue in cheek stuff like that is what Wolfenstein is all about, and there are traces of it here.

As for the clips themselves, I can't give a valid opinion on them. For a university project two years ago, I was given the task of cutting together a piece of music out of the Hitler speech in this mix and Korobeiniki (better known as the extended Tetris theme). I listened to the speech hundreds of time, and I'm sad to say I'm completely desensitized to its meaning. No fault of anyone's there.

I've written more than I wanted to, so I'll just say that as a sum of its parts, there's a lot of talent and a lot to enjoy here. But I also think the polarity in this board is understandable. Noone should be offended by anything in this mix, of course, but there are certain things that don't gel based on various issues with the subject matter.

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I've been listening to music on this site for well over six years. I always come back to this remix.

This song is very strong in portraying an image that is very powerful. It digs deep into your soul and forces you to remember the past and the images of war and power struggles. The dark theme helps to pull images from the game itself and also from our the history as it brings this piece to a vivid imagination that ties it to death and horror. The strength that this remix puts forth is what makes it a masterpiece, a wonderful piece of artwork in the realm of music.

Great work Mazedude!

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Very depressing mix this one, and this truly conveys the sorrows that war can bring.

I found the voice in samples in this to be very strategically used, (of course, I'm trying to judge the mix alone. If I put my personal feelings into this, then I hope the is bastard is still burning in hell for his atrocities against humanity.) and the piano and strings really helped to give the feeling of almost overwhelming depression.

Very emotive, and a definite download.

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I remember this time my dad walked in while I was listening to this song and he started yelling at me saying I was a Nazi or some shit. I just told him to shut up and listen.

I've been reading over most of the review threads that I've posted in so far, but this is the best comment I've come across so far :<

As for the mix itself, the voice samples are used tastefully to great atmospheric effect, and the rest of the mix is equally worthy of such profound soundclips. The samples are a bit dated but you can still get an appreciation for the kind of mood Mazedude was going for. The strings that come in around 1:40 really clicked, that was wonderful.

I really like this, it's one of the few instances where the vocal clips aren't a nuisance and instead actually contribute something to the overall meaning of the song.

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Cool sounding glitch percussion and a melancholy take on the theme. Some of the orchestral elements weren't working for me as well as some of Chris's usual synth choices, like the brass, but the mood was really well captured, and I enjoyed the mix quite a bit.

It did have a certain poignancy that demanded attention, and the mazedude touches are unmistakable.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00969 - Wolfenstein 3D "Nazi Requiem"

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