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OCR TF2: New Server forthcoming - new server IPs and other stuff


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At this point it's easier to just go ahead and say that atmuh hates something anyway. Since he's mr. "anti-fun".

saying that someone "hates fun" is an incredibly stupid and ignorant thing to say

i just find something that you find fun not fun and vice versa

What ever happened to the OCR patches? I'd gladly pay for one.

you can have mine if you want

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Rambo for TF2 do you use a config to have better settings, or do you just have everything on low?

I don't use a config. I know I should... but I'm too lazy to tweak one to my own preferences, and I'm afraid I'd royally screw something up, or not know how to fix what I want.

I've got everything at minimal settings, and a dozen advanced launch options.

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We have a new Social Group feature on OCR, and we're trying it out with gaming communities and album projects. We've got a TF2 group here where people can make multiple discussions based on different topics pertaining to TF2.

Join up, please.


How can I put it nicely... no ability to reply directly to or quote posts sucks balls. No ability to subscribe to groups = sucks bigger balls.

A dedicated forum under community has neither of these problems.

im not sure how populated itd be if it was on the second server (being that many more regulars have the main server ip than the other one), but itd be neat if for a night we could play through all these maps


Wait, don't you usually complain that we have too many customs on the server? And you want to add another 248MB of maps to the 938.3 MB we already have?

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Wait, don't you usually complain that we have too many customs on the server? And you want to add another 248MB of maps to the 938.3 MB we already have?

i complained that there were way too many ones that we never play, and are poorly made

which is the case

there WERE, though, a couple customs that were fun to play on occasion (i never cared for waste which we played a lot)

for example i enjoy a few rounds of frontier or freight here and there

i have no idea why you continue to host all those maps, as really if you look at the stats of even when we only had one server there are plenty that we havent played in a very, very long time

whenever i used to try customs on my server, if we didnt like it, i immediately deleted it

it was good because there were never a ton of maps to cycle through and the couple of customs that we enjoyed playing were the only ones on the server

thats why id say try all of these and then afterwards see if we really like a few of them and then keep those and delete the rest

None of them appear on server #1, so you shouldn't worry about it!

why not trim it anyways

i highly doubt server 2 will see any action outside of the occasional events so why not just trim the maplist down to a minimum (by minimum i mean like 5-10 maps) and put them on server 1 so we can play 95% stock maps but on occasion a decent custom to mix things up

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tf2stats.net:27015 has all of those customs as the rotation right now, you can check them out there if you like. I'll switch it back to it's old setup (OTHER TEAM IS BABIES) once the contest has settled down a bit.

i seriously doubt youll get a full game on there since its neither the main or secondary ocr server

its just as easy to create a listen server on one of the maps and noclip around to see what it looks like

id (and im sure paranoid and others) would be much more interested to see how they play on a full server

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Not all of them, mind you. Some, like Rollout, looked kind of...eh. The one's I'm really interested in are HAARP, Vector, Animus, Panic, Premuda, Nightfall, and Slate. (In approximately that order.)

im sure some are bad id just like to try them all once

i tried vector and it was actually really interesting and fun although there were a lot of chokepoints

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