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Fat Princess = Fat Controversy?


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The game sounds really funny... It sounds like its built around the very thing that's getting it all this negative backlash.

Princess have always been hot and skinny and constantly captured and abducted.

Now it's "Capture the Flag" but instead of a Flag it's a princess you gotta pork up thus making it harder for the other team to get to her?


Would I ever play it?

Prolly no...

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Damn feminists! They always make women look bad!

Most of them are probably under-sexed lol

I think the idea is pretty good, it's never been done before and it's a reality, when you eat too much you get fat. Yeah there's a big misconception of what a fat girl is in the media and in the minds of a lot of people out there. I personally rather seeing a chubby chick then her rib cage in the back, but OMG what might others think if I'm with a chubby girl!!

At least, I bet they get more sex then feminist! ;p

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The feminists you hear from these days are such whiney, obsolete bitches. First it's that women in videogames aren't representational of the average woman. Now they are insensitive to fat chicks. They're like the kid at the mall who can get one toy and picks three, then cries about it when they can't get all three. The hell with them. It's a step in the right direction for a game to say that porking up to that size is ridiculous. Screw being insensitive, because people that huge are just ridiculous. And other than the 5% of them that have some kind of health condition, the rest have no excuse. And I'm not talking about people that have a belly, or are a little above the average. No, I'm talking about when you get to the point that rolling down the street has become a viable mode of transportation. I don't care what the P.C.'s say either, let them be made fun of. Everyone has equal time in the ring of getting dissed on. I agree with Carlin, they should harden up, get off their ass, throw out the twinkies, and get on a treadmill.

Controversy nothing. The only controversy is the one these feminists make because they can't survive without something to make a fuss about. And frankly, it kind of looks fun. I wouldn't buy it, but then it's not my style of game. I'd play it though.

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It's interesting to note that the two sources of the complaints that the article references don't seem to have an actual argument to put forth. They've both certainly got their little hats of righteous indignance on, no doubt, (one of them actually featured a photograph of the writer in question (who, surprise surprise, is fat) raising her middle finger with an embittered, defiant pout) but they don't seem to know what to direct this righteous indignance at. It looks like they've just had a kneejerk reaction upon hearing about this game, assumed that it was discriminatory to fat women somehow and then continued to run with that idea after after finding out it wasn't and that they didn't really have anything to complain about.

But let's be honest, that's probably what happened.

Seriously, take a look. Both articles are just filled with sarcastic ranting that fails to actually explain the terrible message that these games are supposedly sending.


"How so?"


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Some people just like complaining about things. I think it's a cool concept.

Also commonly referred to as "Haters" =P

Hmm, now I havent clicked the link or read all of the posts, so my opinion will be based off of the concept itself. Now that has been said, *ahem*:

People are sensitive. Every time we mention something truthful about the state of our heatlh, race, sex, etc. People will label you accordingly as a rasict, prejudice, etc. Even if what you said applies somewhat to you, then you are a self-hating whatever you are speaking about; and unfortunately, this is the case.

America is overloaded with unhealthy eating habits, we all know that. Our portions are cheap oversized heaps of the wrong kinds of foods loaded with sugars and/or "bad" fats; Our Nation's kids wear jeans that I can fit in. In my opinion, the designer of the game did this as a form of satire to show a sign of the times and people should take it with a grain of salt. But of course those special groups with nothing better to do than meddle in other people's lives instead of improving their own come running over the hill crying foul. I acknowledge that some people are obese because of genetics, medication, etc. But come on, not everybody walking God's green Earth is obese because of those reasons and my statements are not regarding that minority. Simply put, people eat too much of the wrong foods and are too stagnant to work it off, and therefore turn into huge, jiggly masses.

I am 6'0" and weigh about 205 with an average build so I am no American Eagle model, and I like it that way. Personally, I love curvy women; Twigs and muffintops on the other hand, disgust me. But to each his own :)

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I think you're overthinking it. I don't think it's a satire. I think it's just a humorous game concept.

It's possible. Or maybe I am just looking at it from a different viewpoint. Either way, like I said before, it's just my two cents =)

It's just things like this make me lose faith in humanity as a whole. People like to go around and criticize other people when somebody does something worthwile, like make a video game, rather than go ut and put in work themselves. The sad thing is is that those people actually make headlines doing this. When people meddle around in other people's lives (she wasnt doing anything illegal or immoral, right?) and turn something so silly into unnecessary drama, I just can't help but to think of all the time that's invested into crying over the situation instead of doing something productive about the "problem" (like making a game themselves) so I just smile and think of Darwinism =)

But hey, any publicity is better than none, right? Maybe she gets picked up by a developing company or something. Who knows?

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