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Square-Enix announces Final Fantasy Remix


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why not

Well, then I won't be dissapointed if it's bad. :nicework:

I will not judge the album before I've listened to it, but the samples in the video didn't sound very good(except for the great revamped Grand Cross bass riff at the end).

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You can now dance to the music from your magical fantasies. Nobuo Uematsu, the renowned music director of the quintessential RPG series Final Fantasy have rearranged the themes from the games as a real club remix.

Some of the tracks feature music from the Famicon or Super famicon era while others are from newer releases such as the Piano collections and the Black Mages albums.

The disc is produced in collaboration with DJs throughout the clubs of Tokyo, America and Europe. Aside from DJs, Ian Hartley and Matt Baggiani from the music production group Ante are also invited to work on this rich volume.

The long awaited Final Fantasy Remix is now available for US$ 23.90 only.

1. Prelude

2. Eternal Wind

3. Terra's Theme

4. Opening-Bombing Mission-


6. Liberi Fatali

7. Blue Fields

8. The Final Battle

9. Zanarkand

10. Ronfaure

11. Maybe I'm a Lion

12. Mambo de Chocobo

All info from http://www.play-asia.com/

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If anything's deserving of a remix, it's Schala's Theme. Someone should get on that. Oh, and Corridor of Time! No one's ever done that before!

Edit: Meh, heard the album (friend got it from iTunes I think). Not that impressed overall. Some good stuff, but a lot of the mixes on this site and in the Project Majestic Mix album were better. Good try, Square-Enix.

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Just listened to all the tracks on the album. Terribly unimpressive to say the least. :(

It sounds as if they just had a few "phat beats" lying around and decided to paste Final Fantasy melodies on top of them and market them as remixes. The actual source tunes have been changed very little. It's mostly just instrument changes and new percussion tracks in each song that make-up the "remix".

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