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Official Dragon Ball Movie Trailer!


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Ok so either:

Its been turned into a shtty typical action movie.


The trailer just makes it look that way so typical action movie fans will go.

I seriously hope its the latter... and who the fuck is Mai? Don't add new characters for no reason other then leather and breasts.

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My friend told me that the trailer made it look like someone took the DB series, ate it, threw it up, took a huge dump all over it, and then presented the resulting heap of vile bodily expulsions to Fox as the official script.

Personally, I think they urinated on it as well, though whether that happened before or after they rung out a towel drenched in salty ball-sweat over it is certainly up for debate.

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well it's about as bad as I had hoped...:'(

the only redeeming factor of this movie IMO would be the most megatacular face-melting, eye blazing, ragetastic Kamehameha the world has ever seen.

but it looks like it's going to be more matrix-y and less ki-y so I'm now very, very depressed.

still, there's hope that somewhere, somehow, in the bowels of post, someone is extremely liberally using the glow effect on a variety of white shapes, and we all will be pleasantly surprised when we go to the movies...


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