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Official Dragon Ball Movie Trailer!


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Looks like balls(hurr), but really. I mean, REALLY. Did anyone expect anything other than crap? I'm just surprised that the movie's actually happening.

Plus Goku just looks plain weird.

It's pretty sad yet at the same time utterly hilarious that the guy playing Goku is actually the guy who most looks like his anime counterpart.

I think?

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... oh ...

... my ...

... God ...


I guess Hollywood likes to take all the charm away from the original tv show and manga, and then turn it into a generic looking martial arts movie.

... as far as game/anime adaptations go, I hope Metal Gear Solid isn't going to tank like this DB movie is.

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Was anybody expecting DB to be anything other than a cheese fest, with matrix figth scenes? Does no one rmeember the old cartoons, & how "serious" & "realistic" the fight scenes were on that mug.

Yeah, I do. The problem is that when you get a new movie trailer on the internet you also get thousands of man-boys who have determined that the associated movie sucks without having watched it. Also, thank God that none of the characters look the same as they do on the cartoon because they basically looked like a bunch of inbred children on steroids.

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Well, I have been a fan of dbz for about... god... well, years.

Anyway, I'm going to see it, or watch it in some way or form at some point, if not cinema. I will give it a chance, but seeing as a tralier is usually better than the film itself, my expectations aren't high, so odds are it will be better than I am expecting :D

Also, its dragonball Z, and anything with the logo on it people swarm like flys around.

My only concern is that they will go through the entire series (a film a Saga) and completely tarnish the name of the series.

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