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Try to get me to buy your album


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If you like energetic electronic music, then you'll just have to wait to our album comes out next January.

I'll give away free tracks from the album here.



My brother and I are working up bunch of tracks....some will include vocals from talented female artists. Lot's n' lots of hard work, as of late, goes towards our music.

So yeah the album, "Phi Vs. Jayy" is currently in the works. This is actually a "debut" album. So yeah first album to ever be produced by us.

Support from anyone would be fantastic.

Pick it up next January. (iTunes, CDBaby, Napster, etc) :)

Yeah SGX has got tons of free tracks at his website. Plus like 5 albums I think. Check em out if you haven't already.

It's much harder to make people interested in your music then having a sex change these days.

I must say, I agree with this.

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"Going Away" is Siamey's concept album soundtrack to an RPG that exists in his mind. Heavily influenced by Nobuo Uematsu, composer of the Final Fantasy game series, "Going Away" exhibits 16 and 32-bit Japanese role playing game style modulated with electronica, trance, and chiptune elements. 23 bite-sized tracks fill out this disc with an impressive gamut of unique tunes.

Total length 59:05

Generous description by SGX, much thanks to him.

I know that I'm not an impartial party here, but at 8 bucks, I really think its a good deal. It's got music to fit every mood!

Check out the site for a flash player with demos of the songs, and pick up 4 of them for free even if you decide the whole album isn't for you!


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And now for something completely different:


Aaron Parsons: Real Skool 4 Ma Peg People

Real Hip-Hop

Real Beats

Changing Your Life Forever

Absolutely Free! Ignore the fact that I'm half-white and Asian, the pre-concieved impressions that it sound old-skool when it's really East Coast Underground, and also all the price tags and banners, and you'll enjoy the album especially the song "Waste of Space." See site for track listing and details!

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Doesn't skrypnyk have an album? OH YES AND CONTROLLER 1


I love that album goddamn, just to re-emphasize that that is a good album to buy I mean not buy but you could just give Sam money, hell I will do it for you, give the money to me and I will... trickle it down to him... trickle down...

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