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Another Soundscape's first commercial game release, Artoon! FREE SOUNDTRACK!


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Artoon - 400MSPoints (that's $5, you can afford it!) - with original soundtrack by Another Soundscape!

Soundtrack now avaliable for FREE from www.okgamesfactory.com , get it while it's hot and make your friends envy you!

(friend's envy is not guaranteed or endorsed by this company and/or person. The soundtrack may kick so much ass you will love it, soundtrack/composer does not accept marriage proposals)

XNA Community games recently launched and with it my first commercial game release as a composer! Artoon is a platformer that follows the adventures of Art as he bounces his way through a variety of visual artworks. It was developed by OK Games Company, a talented and very cool guy named Oscar Kozlowski. The game's best described as a psychedelic high-score hunt and placed top 15 in the Dream Build Play-competition. You can check it out at the developer's website OKGamesCompany.com.

There is a demo avaliable on Xbox Live Marketplace, both directly from your 360 and via a PC.

Reviews and Impressions!:

IGN.com - "This is one of the coolest looking games I've seen on Xbox Live. And that includes XBLA games."

360evolved.com - "Overall Artoon is incredibly fun, addicting, frustrating and beautiful all at the same time. Do yourself a favor and spend the $5.00 to pick this one up."

Destructoid - "(...) the best retro-throwback tunes I’ve heard in a while."

Jaxon Gluck (happy customer) - "...after stumbling upon the demo I knew right away that it would be a purchase for me. The music by Mr. Gerdt really drew me in to the experience, and the changing visual styles really caught my attention."

The SOUNDTRACK is avaliable for free from www.okgamescompany.com!

Download it if you feel like it! Remix it if you feel like it! Dazzle at the VGMdb-entry if you feel like it but most of all, enjoy (well.. if you feel like it)!

All tracks were made entirely in Reason 4. Each track sent out to capture the unique design of each world while making your heart race a little faster.

So, dear OCReMix, if I've sparked your interest. Try it out! Might be your cup of tea!

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Wow! Awesome dude. I didn't know you guys were working on something like this.


How long did it take to get all of this done? Like everything.

Man, I guess I'm gonna have to get a 360...all the good games are made for it.


cool just give me an xbox and i will be happy to buy your product


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How long did it take to get all of this done? Like everything.

The game.. I really have no idea :D I can direct Oscar to this thread so he can answer any game-related question for you! The soundtrack took about a week of hard work (6 tracks), the deadline for Dream. Build. Play. was approaching quickly when Oscar contacted me about music so I didn't have much time. Still, I'm very happy with the result, both game and music.

There IS a demo (also directly from your X360); http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/games/media/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258550111/

Thanks for the comments everyone and do check it out and give your opinions here! <3

Also, I updated the frontpage with some links to various gaming sites and their impressions of Artoon!

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I *want* to get the game, but MS says no =/ Australian LIVE accounts don't yet have any access to the Community Games.

I'll buy it if you can hook me up with it somehow.

same with sweden ;)

I'm pretty sure you have to 1. wait until launch or 2. get an american/uk xbox live gold account and fill it with MS points from that region (points are region locked)

glad to see you're interested though :)

in other news: the original soundtrack (without remixes) should be up tonight or tomorrow for your listening pleasure!

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Any chance of a future WiiWare or PSN release? I'll pick it up if there is.

I doubt it, this is for Community Games which is NOT the same as Xbox Live Arcade. It's unique because any developer can develop a game and then, after getting voted on by other users, it's released on Xbox Live for a price of your choice (200, 400 or 800 MSPoints). The developer gets a fairly large cut and m$ gets a significantly smaller cut. So, no PSN/WiiWare, this is indie.

Pretty much.

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I've tried the demo, and I'll say that the music and art style are both great. The other Community game I've tried had no music, and no direction with its art style -- both you and Oscar have done a great job of making this into something beyond a Q-bert clone. Definitely picking it up asap.

My only complaint: I have trouble doing the "low jump" without mashing the X button -- I wish that you could hold it down to force a lower jump.

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