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OCRA-0012 - OC ReMix: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack


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http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=321216 - PIMPAGE!

"Once your eyes have adjusted to the new Street Fighter flair, you start getting a kick out of the remixed theme tunes. Every Street Fighter fan has a favourite, and having brought on Udon for the visuals, Capcom in its wisdom signed up OverClocked ReMix to handle the audio. What OCR has done with the classic Ryu, Guile and Ken beats, again, remains true to the original material, but injects a thumping modern feel that has your heart racing all the way to that fierce Shoryuken finish. Special mention has to go to Fei Long's new R&B stage theme, which had us returning to the Bruce Lee wannabe's home for the tune alone." - http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=320158

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I'm excited about OCR doing the music for this game and I'm not even on it. I can't imagine how awesome it must feel for you guys. And you all deserve it because this soundtrack kicks ass.

In response to the mass Email I just got asking us to pimp the soundtrack out wherever we can I posted the link on NeoGeo For Life in the SSF2THDR thread. Yeah, I know how that sounds but they like Capcom fighters too.

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Amazing, sensational, breathtaking. I could go on as to how I could describethe soundtrack. Well done to all contributors, big or small. Highlights for me were Spittin Narcisism, Army Girl and Mountain breaker. Also credit to the modified tracks taken from BotA.

As a side note, call me a n00b but I'm having a hard time finding some of the tracks within the game. Where is Rock the Asphalt? There was no opening demo from what I played, unless I'm mistaken. Oh and the Ranking Display too.

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Wow! this is really awesome news, and I'm listening to the album now :)

Interestingly enough, I just finished making an AMV with the one of the street fighter anime movies [here], which is also made by Capcom; so this might be one step closer to industry collaboration on *any* type of remix.

PS. I'm totally making an amv with one of these songs, probably using the Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie.:mrgreen:

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I dont own a PS3 nor a XB360 but I own a PS2 so I listened all the soundtrack while playing Capcom Classic Collection's Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting (I know I should have chosen Super SF 2 but Im trying to fulfill a the request of finishing the game with all 12 fighters).

I love it! Im happy and proud of you guys!

I can see how you all must feel about this, almost like a dream come true, isn't it? :wink:

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Sorry but I know you are fans but this OST is the worst work of OCR, only ryu, ken, fei long, dee jay and guile songs are good and I want know the author of the vega's theme because is the worst song of the entire game, what are you thinking? its a fighting game not a chill out session in spanish spa.

Same auther as the Dee Jay stage track you loved oh-so-much and one of the best and most hard-working arrangers on this OST :)

In other news, I'm happy no one actually finishes arcade mode and craps on my song hahaha

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I've been coming to this site for a while, now, registered just to post this. This has got to be the best game OST I've heard. You did a great job guys. I guess good remixing along with the nostalgia has made this my favorite album by far. Some of the HD versions could've been more creative than just speednig up the tracks, but ya Im not gonna complain since the whole soundtrack is awesome.

My favs:

Rock The Asphalt

Clamato Fever

The Select Few

Reinterpretation (was happy to see this make it in) (Ryu)

Docks Day (Blanka)

Flying Heaven (Fei Long)

Army Girl (Cammy)

Spittin' Narcisism (Vega)

Tribute To The Master (M. Bison)

Fav HD versions.

Made In U.S.A (Ken)

Flying Heaven (Fei Long)

Spittin' Narcisism (Vega)

Once again these are my favs but IMO all the songs fit the game very well.

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My boyfriend booted up the Xbox and we saw a new d/l-able SF, and we were like, "Hey cool!"

So he started playing and got far and once he got to Sagat, I said, "Holy balls!! That sounds like Sagat's Moonbike!"

...and low and behold.

I'm so proud of all you guys; you do great work to begin with, and it is just SO neat to see it appreciated in this fashion.

So, in honour of this wonderful occasion, my boyfriend and I built a gingerbread house in your honour.


Wishing everyone at OCR a happy Street Fighter Holiday!



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This album is definitely a milestone for OCR and the fan communities of the world. I respect and commend it for that fact. I'm quite sure that the album is full of quality arrangements and very well-designed remixes.

I just don't enjoy listening to most of it very much.

For a few of the themes I blame the source material, since I just didn't like a few of the themes back when I started playing (for these ones that hasn't changed). T. Hawk, Dhalsim, and E. Honda come to mind here, though I do admit to being entertained by djpretzel's "High-Five... Hundred" version. The other two just never stood out very much to me, "New Mexican Thunderbird" and "Reaching for Nirudha" didn't spark anything on Blood on the Asphalt, so they had pretty low chances of sparking much here.

Some of the songs in SFII have always stood out, and I just accept the fact that remixes of them will often be enjoyable just because of how much I enjoy the source. Ken, Guile, and Cammy fit that bill pretty well. "Army Girl" and "Made in USA" were some of my favorite tracks from Blood on the Asphalt, and my opinion remains the same. I did miss "Guile's Mile Long Dong", but I think that "Combat and Service" definitely made more sense for the game.

The rest of the tracks are just hit or miss based entirely on their own merit - at least for me.

"Reinterpretation" is fun to listen to; the Heavy Damage variation did get a little bit grating, but I think part of that was playing a match at heavy damage long enough that it looped

"Street Market" is a miss, I just don't enjoy it. The low note pattern just grates on me a little bit.

Actually, I think that "Docks Day" is the same kind of thing, but to a lesser degree. Maybe it seems less overwhelming in Blanka's theme or something.

Lol at "Red Cyclone". I like the scratching at :59, but I just don't find the whole song to be very appealing. It's definitely something I'll put on when I listen to this album next, but I just don't find the song very entertaining. It's fun though, I kinda wish there was a long version of it to see if it would get more intriguing.

Fei Long's music is a lot more obtrusive then it was. I recall basically always fighting Fei Long in SSF2, but his stage music never stuck with me. "Flying Heaven" is definitely a track that will stick with me, but I don't think it's in a good way.

José the Bronx Rican's pair of instrumental versions make sense in the spirit of the game. That being said, I loved the lyrics to both and really find the very silent versions to be far less entertaining. I even caught myself rapping the lyrics to myself during a match on Vega/Claw's stage. I like the tracks in the game, and they make sense.

"Sexy Trunks" is mellow. I feel that it is too mellow. Balrog is a boxer. He punches people in the face for a living. His theme song makes me feel like I'm shopping for shoes or something. I know his stage represents Vegas and a club atmosphere, but it just feels too mellowed out.

"Sagat's Moonbike" is very well-named. That being said, I didn't particularly like the song as an OCRemix. This is another song that just feels like the remixed version lost a bunch of the intensity from the orginal for no particular reason. That being said, the Heavy Damage version was just too much of that bassline.

"Tribute to the Master" is a mix that I appreciate a fair amount. I like the winds <-> strings alternation a lot. The brass is also quality, for the simple part that it consists of. It's (the brass part) not a particularly interesting part to play, but it does sound good.

"Mountain Breaker" is definitely a piece that I think fits into its place in the game well (at least it does if the arcade requirements for fighting Akuma are the same). Intense, dangerous sounding and a couple sections that are pretty striking.

"The World Warriors" is a great throwback. The track fits into the game like a glove. "The Select Few" is a piece that I think it would be interesting to hear an extended version of, but then I remember that it's the music for character select and feel like an idiot. "Rock the Asphalt" was good before, it's still good now.

I think I listened to all of the character endings, and based purely on the fact that none of them seemed particularly bad or good I just give them a pass. Character endings will probably be seen very little by me, so during actual gameplay I don't know that I'll give them much attention either way. Some of them spawn lulz, and others spawn pride (though hopefully beating the game will cause that to spawn in the first place.)

Overall, I think that most of the tracks will probably fit the game better then my Ipod. During the game I won't be devoting my mind, body, and soul to listening to the music and how I feel about it. Hopefully the music will bring me just enough focus to succeed at the game without being distracting.

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