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New Zelda movie trailer...


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Worse? The characters look WAY better, and the settings look fantastic. I think what they failed at was making a good trailer.

Most trailers for movies of this kind are more like teasers - they give you very little and leave you wanting more, but at the same time show you very little actual content on which to judge the movie (for better or worse). I think these guys tried to show too much, and so created a bad trailer. They crammed in WAY too much dialog, the trailer's editing looked rushed (they DID have a deadline), and the special effects didn't always look professional. But I think this may end up being a good movie (but who knows?)

They have an earlier trailer on their website, which I think I like better (despite using the official "this is an epic movie trailer" song). Even though this movie is real and IGN's April Fool's movie wasn't, this one looks like it would make a better movie (albeit far less professional and epic looking).

I just hope this movie will have a sense of humour - even the darkest of Zelda games have their share of laughs. I couldn't watch a full-length fan-made Zelda movie with no humour in it (even if it's just self-referential humour) :puppyeyes:

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Uh...yeah...I liked the trailer from earlier this year. That at least had some dignity to it. This seems like they're actually trying to do dumb the series down in every way possible. Please don't release this to the public, please don't release this to the public...maybe if I say it enough it won't happen ><

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This seems like they're actually trying to do dumb the series down in every way possible.

Whaaaaat? I thought the exact opposite. The April Fool's trailer looked incredibly dumbed down to me, nothing but pretty visuals and OMG Triforce OMG Gannon OMG Zelda! On the other hand, this new one looks like the movie might, MIGHT have a somewhat deep story that actually has something to do with the original games. I certainly won't get my hopes up though =p

In before the "srsly guys Zelda games dos not have a deep story" post.

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It's really not fair to compare this trailer to IGN's work. For one thing, like friendlyhunter said, IGN's trailer was fake. Also, IGN had a much bigger budget so they hired a professional company to make this trailer for them (Rainfall Films). The Hero of Time movie, on the other hand, is fan-made work that's a full-length feature. I've heard of this project a year or so ago, and I'm happy that these fans are ambitious enough to complete this task...despite not being as perfect as we all want.

Have you guys heard of the previous fan-made film called "The Legend of Link"? It was a completely humorous take on the Zelda franchise that made me laugh out loud numerous times. Plus, they've used music from OCR with credit.


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



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Oh my god the fake accents are PAINFUL!

The problem with making a Zelda movie is that if it's not completely and totally epic, it fails utterly.

I imagine this is similar to the challenge faced by the writers and directors of the Lord of the Rings movies -- had those been anything less than brilliant, they would have been critically panned and forever remembered as an insult to the books, even if they had been average or even above average movies in and of themselves.

Zelda is the same way. If it's not perfect it will be horrible. It cannot have even the faintest amount of success without an all-star cast, brilliant special effects, and an award-worthy director.

Ganon looks awful -- because he is slightly sub-perfect. In my opinion, there are very very few actors in the world who could pull off that part. Jack Nicholson could do it. Clint Eastwood could do it. Perhaps Willam Dafoe or Hugo Weaving. But that's it -- nobody else on the planet could hope to do that character justice.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Zelda should never be a low-budget indy film. It should either be a spare-no-expense masterpiece of epic proportions ala Lord of the Rings, or it shouldn't exist at all.

Also, Link runs like he's constipated.

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As has been said, it's admirable that the guys that did this have taken it so far, but I tend to agree with Taucer in the fact that if a Zelda movie can't be done perfectly, it shouldn't be done at all.

I'll say it out flat: I'm a Zelda fanboy. Laugh if you want, but I can't watch a trailer like this and not point out every tiny thing that's done wrong, or looks random. For instance, I don't think any of the characters look anything like what they're supposed to (except maybe Ganondorf and Link), and even they look... odd.

Also, on a side note: anyone want to tell me who this little creepy guy is that's running around with Ganondorf in all of his shots? I didn't know Ganondorf had an adviser or whatever.

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