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Great gods...What the hell is up with that makeup?

Their faces are powdered to death and glistening weirdly at the same time. Whoever did that, and why did they even do it (you wanna be on TV, you gotta use makeup?)

Makeup is pretty standard for anyone on TV. They may just not have used it very well (haven't watched it yet).

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Video game video reviews that he started on Youtube as a hobby and got picked up by some magazine. He basically hates everything and says so very quickly and with visual aids for your viewing pleasure. I think he's an annoying bastard, but other people worship him. Maybe it's the Britishness.

Edit: ninja'd. Curse you, Zephyr.

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the in-between sections were cute (and the Duke Forever team thing got me to laugh real good) but I seriously doubt that they'd be able to make it work for more than three episodes tops

I'd have to agree...

As for Yahtzee hating everything, that's not necessarily true. He's done reviews on games that he's managed to find something very likable, like his views on Painkiller, his Prince of Persia perspective, as well as STALKER: Clear Sky review and others.

Heck he even enjoyed playing Mario Galaxy. :lol:

I'd like to think people are drawn to him based simply on him being satirical with his reviews and most people being able to agree all the while avoiding the would be bullshit and fanboy faggotry that consistently rears it's ugly, acne riddled, greasy, unkept hair and bearded head that normal, opinionated posters often face today.

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