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OCR: will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty-four?


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...you'll be older too. And, if you say the word, I could stay with you!

I'll admit the impetus of this thread was a Beatles tune and a bit of silliness, but I'm curious: what are the long-term plans for this site? I inquire because this doesn't seem to be an endeavor for the elderly... once the rest of us get married and make our own little remixers (or listeners, in most of our cases), as seems to be the latest trend around here (with heartfelt congrats to the lovebirds and baby-makers!), who's going to carry the torch? I am truly not trying to step on anyone's toes here. I'm just wondering if this has been thought about and, if so, what has been thought on it. I admit, keeping up the analogy, that I'm new to this relationship (even including my stalking [omg what?!?]), but I think this has a serious future regardless of where time and technology may take us, so I'd like to see this site continue for many, many years.

Yours sincerely,

Wasting Away

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In 2050 the kids on OCR will be like, "OMG! QUIT MAKING TRANCE AND ELECTRONICA... we're into brain music and taking pictures of our dreams while we sleep."

And us old timers will be having PRC 47,000, AND still remixing Ice Cap Zone.

Mark my words.

I guess the only way I can even start to comprehend that is to envision an old man here on the boards showing up and "remixing" game tunes in the style of 1950's rock and roll... Elvis style. Wild.

Man, I want some classic rock and roll now. haha.


edit: And the "Nice work guy" pictures will develop some kind of sophisticated AI, no longer requiring our input on what work is nice, and what work is not, take over OCR, and make the coolest Gerudo Valley mix evar.

You heard it here first folks.

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The site won't be called OverClocked Remix anymore. It'll be called BOOM HISS "E" GLOWSTICKS HOORAY! (or www.bhegh.com), and will be run by the Digital Justice Project. Eccles, or Claire as he'll be known after his "operation", will be the sole moderator for the only operational forum the site will have... Coming Soon(ish). His job will be to delete every post as it's made, and ban anyone who asks what it is that coming soon. This will continue until January 13th, 2061, when a 109 year old Akmel Bhakrinya sues the site's ISP, claiming mental hardship after finding nearly 33,000 edits with his face on them. The court case will become a media spectacle for nearly a year, before the courts find in favor or Mr. Bhakrinya for $3.9 billion US currency (or approximately 1.25 GBP at that time's currency exchange rate). The ISP will go out of business due to it's being US based, and the site will go down for good on January 24th, 2062.

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This thread turned out better than I could have imagined :P

I didn't feel like braving the crowds today to shop for gifts, so I got a wild hair and decided to incorporate the above into an account of the future of ocr.

djp Jr will be running the site and all will be well... that is, until one day when he notices that new submissions of the past several weeks have all been in the style of experimental jazz (which is completely inaccessible at this point). He is puzzled by this and sees that this trend will result in a serious fanbase exodus in two years time... when he'll have finally worked through the current to-post queue. So, he consults the leader of the jedi council of elders (ReMix division), Darke (who dropped 'Sword' from his name since he finds his powers awesome enough to make light sabers passe), on what is happening and what should be done. Jr learns that the minds of remixers have been corrupted by the one who calls himself 'Mr Nicework', who has created a machine that has allowed for global, musical, telepathic influence. He must infiltrate Mr Nicework's lair, gain control of the machine, and broadcast a remix of such supreme grassroots rockingness that it will overpower the desire for formless dissonance with serious foot-stomping and/or booty-shaking (exact effect being listener-dependent).

Jr is pondering how to create such a remix when Doc Liontamer busts in with his newest invention: time travel. He sends Jr back to the 1950s, where Jr eventually meets up with a then-young Chuck Berry (via his cousin Marvin). Jr whips out his laptop and Chuck his guitar and they of course create the most old-school-rocking remix ever, and Chuck even signs and gives his guitar to Jr to sell in the future so there can be at least one April where ocr doesn't pester everyone for donations.

Jr makes it back to the future, sneaks into the core of the hideout, and is just about to broadcast the remix when his laptop is grappled (Link-style) out of his hands. He hears a sinister, bellowing laugh and turns to find Mr Nicework gloating on a platform above. Jr is momentarily frozen by the paradox of someone so evil having such a nice smile. Nicework winds up for another grapple, this one aimed at Jr himself (Scorpion-style), and lets loose. Jr regains himself and jumps to the side at the last second, but in this time Nicework has jumped down and is upon him, ready to deliver the final blow.

All seems lost until, inexplicably, Nicework reels backward, clutching his ears in pain. Jr hears from somewhere... anime remixes! Nicework, in his all-encompassing passion to destroy vg remixes, had overlooked his other critical weakness: music of tv characters with disproportionately large eyes! The outer door swings open and OverCoat saunters in, a Naruto mix blaring from his stereo. However, Nicework struggles back up and, despite his visible agony, makes one last lunge at Jr... but just then The Coop (wolves apparently being unaffected by the telepathy) leaps forward into Nicework, sending him flying into the wall. In serious pain, with a ticked-off and very capable (despite being graybeard) wolf bearing fangs over him, Nicework pleads for his life. Jr asks The Coop to spare Nicework and, for now, just watch over him.

There is a more pressing issue: Jr needs to save the vg remix community! But when he picks up his laptop he sees a gaping hole in it. He tries to start his compy but nothing happens... that grapple spelled the end of his laptop, and with it went the remix to rule them all. Worse yet, Jr feels himself, even with his pure ocr blood coursing through his veins, starting to be overcome by the telepathy... the strain of another journey back in time to try another mix would push him to the dark side of music. Hope is slipping. OverCoat offers his laptop, but Jr doesn't see how this would do any good since he couldn't possibly recreate the awesomeness of before, the awesomeness required to save his friends. Then OverCoat yells out at him "You played it for her, you can play it for me!" Having no clue wtf he was talking about but inspired by OC's belief in his, Jr's, abilities, he summoned up the spirit of AnSo and the overnight remix and got to work.

In less than an hour, Jr had conconcted a nearly three-minute tune. It had an rollicking electric guitar, a solid backbeat rhythm, and all the soul Jr could muster. So he hooks up the laptop to the machine, crosses his fingers, and hit play. It truly was the greatest remix in the world... tribute, but would it be good enough? A minute ticked by, then two... nothing. Then the song was over... shouldn't he hear something from fellow remixers if this was working? Another minute passes, then two. Jr can't take it anymore and begins sobbing (big manly tears of course). Suddenly his phone lights up... it's Doc Liontamer! "Great scott! Jr... you've done it!" he blurts. Before Jr can respond, he gets another incoming call, then another, then another... remixers are flooding him with calls! It worked!

There is much rejoicing (yay...). In the commotion, Nicework manages to slip out a back door. Next time they will have to catch him for good; but, at least for now, everyone can continue to bastardize his picture and paste it all over ocr. Dyne reveals that Nicework is actually the evil clone of djp, but this is met with a barrage of sarcastic pictures and is otherwise ignored.

Jr arrives home a hero and declares a 48-hour remixer/listener party in every major city. Folks from throughout ocr's history all gather (though mostly virtually) and eat potato-based snack foods, crunchy and mushy alike (mushy being preferred among the old-timers). At some real gatherings even a girl shows up. And it is good.

The end.

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...yeah he wrote fanfic kbye

I guess it would be... except that I included you. Ohsnap. I was only including folks who posted on this thread and their ideas, so I definitely didn't do justice. Don't care though; I was bored and it was fun.

Honestly, I'm just surprised I didn't kill the thread.

I didn't know about kwed before, or if I did I didn't check it out because I never owned a c64. But that's good to know that torches have been carried on at other sites. I'm still curious about ocr but not enough to press the issue. I'm happy with the joke responses :P

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