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OCR01044 - Sonic & Knuckles "Angel"


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I've been waiting for this song to get posted. Probably one of DarkeSword's best mixes, definitely my favorite mix of his. I love S&K's Hidden Palace Zone, and I've yet to hear a bad remix of it. I really need to get my hands on that saxophone sample, too.


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I played Sonic & Knuckles to death around the time of its release, but I don't remember this track in the game for the life of me.

This mix is very easy to get into. Nicely done and well composed. I can already see myself taking it easy from all those damn Engineering classes, kicking back in my chair in front of the comp, and playing this on MusicMatch, letting all my cares and worries fade away.

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I've said this a few times, but it merits saying again. I freakin' love DarkeSword remixes.

I agree with djp's comment about this being your most mature work to date. There's a certain amount of dissonance and resolution in your harmonies that hasn't been as present in your other stuff. Sounds great :)

The processing/mastering stuff sounds wonderful. I think this mix is a perfect example for anyone who wants to learn how to use reverb to its fullest without muddying things up.

Anyway, not much to say that pretzel didn't already. Great stuff.


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This reminds me more of underwater music from Donkey Kong Country than the Hidden Palace Zone! I can't make out the original melody AT ALL. So therefore' date=' great tune, bad remix.[/quote']

Then you're clearly not familiar with Hidden Palace Zone.

In his defense, he could be thinking about Sonic 2's HPZ.

Yeah, because obviously this mix is a remix of that song. It says so right up there. "Sonic the Hedg--" oh wait; it says "Sonic & Knuckles." :roll:

All sarcasm aside. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Personally, I think it's a fine REMIX. If you can't hear Hidden Palace in this song, go back and listen to Hidden Palace again, because the opening sax phrase is nearly verbatim. The chords might be throwing you off though.

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Very sweet remix. ^_^ Anyone looking for something to chill with on a bad day won't be disappointed with this one :D Great use of instruments, nice compression with the sounds, and the whole concept just sounds so stunning. :) Along with Beatdrop's Deep Damp Sandcastle, this could easily become one of my preferred tracks in the Sonic and Knuckles collection. :D

While we're here... is there anyone out there that can provide us with a Doomsday Zone remix? ^_^;

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It plays the opening few seconds twice...though this is probably my browser playing up (booo IE)

Its pretty good...excellent choice of instruments (though the sax did sound a little cheesy at times in an 'and on offer in aisle four' kinda way)

But it gets very repetetive to me...I kept hearing crescendos in my head and feeling disappointed when they didnt come.

so overall...I dunno, Im not a huge fan of it, but that doesnt mean its especially bad.

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How many words will it take to say i love this song.

The saxaphone is gorgeously luscious. Smooth jazz...

The overall composition is brillianly executed, and this is already a favorite of mine (and i cant even remember the original)

The sax solos are well thought out, as DJP said, without being self-indulgant (for lack of a better word)

First measure of Sax Reminds me of Cowboy Bebop (bonus points for nostalgia)


Theres nothing wrong in this one.

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