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OCR01053 - Chrono Trigger "Zeal Love"


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The distorted piano reminds me of a music box whose batteries are running low (er...or one that needs to be wound up again), but luckily it gets somewhat absorbed by the other instruments. I also didn't care for the sort of uninspired drums...it would have been nice to hear something more exotic, because they were such an integral part of the original. Otherwise, the arrangement is very pleasant and interesting, and a refreshing take on a familiar theme.

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dude, great stuff, at the time this song just hit a spot in my life... so sad so touching... I would give you a full review over my big speakers... but NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! someone had to steal my 4.1's and my PC and my MODEM, so it took me like a half an hour to dl this song and I must say its well worth it... so dont listen for the Zeal theme... listen for the interpretation of the Zeal theme... the interpretation is what makes this one great.

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To me this rivals Love Hurts in originality and complete alteration of the context of the original song. The Zeal Theme, no matter how much we like it, has never really been the material for much emotional impact. Well, now it is.

That distorted piano/lead really owns me btw. It represents emotional strain much better than some crisp, clean sound would.

Hats off to Unipulator : )


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I don't care if the zeal theme gets overremixed. You wanna know the reason it gets remixed so often? IT'S BECAUSE IT ROCKS! No matter how many time you remix it, if it gives an original twist to the entire zeal theme, like this remix does, it's great and should be encouraged. Now for this remix. I like it. It's original and it's the zeal theme, which never seems to be boring :P

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none of my friends like the distorted piano and i knew most folks here wouldn't either, but as for the whole point of this song, i felt it was the right, if not the _prettiest_ sound. humor me for a moment ...

... see, the zeal theme is like the aging matron of game remixers ... it's been around forever, and has told its story time and time again. now, its voice may be strained and weak from overuse, but it is no less capable of imparting great emotion, as it did to me the first time i heard it, just as it did the hundredth time.

sometimes the straining, cracked voice of an old granny warbling an old tune can move someone more profoundly than the clear treble of a naive new diva singing about new love.

the zeal theme is that old granny to me, and when i listen to it, i reconnect with the time long ago when i realized that game music can have a very special power. that distorted piano may be a weak old granny humming as best she can, but the synth, bass and drum thickness beneath her singing is how that weak voice actually makes me feel.

i feel that zeal is the absolute epitome of great game music, and as one of the most well-traveled representatives of this art, it deserves the attention it gets. i didn't think twice about finally paying tribute to it.

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I like this one, its good except the distorted piano solo in the beginning was a little off...the distorted in the beginning was bad, although throughout the song when it was accompanied with the other music it sounded alright. the distorted piano reminded me of my old old gameboy when i got gunk in its little speaker and the sound came out distorted like that. but i enjoyed the mix and i listened to your other one too and it was really good, but i don't know what the original sounded like so i can't tell how much better it was.

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More Zeal mixes! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Admittedly this one's a little dull, I wasn't a big fan of what you did with the piano... reminded me a bit of someone tinkering with a computerized piano toy for kids :P

It's got some originality, though, and it's enjoyable. I'd give it... 6.67/10

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Hey unipulator, is it legal to post on the thread thats reviewing your own remix ? :P:P anyway,

Yea, djp has said several times I believe, that he wishes mixers would add more of their comments in their review threads.

Anyhow. Just gotta say I dug this. Distorted piano is nice. Bassline is tight. Good stuff.

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i kinda like this one, this song is sorta halfway new age sounding, the samples are good and the distorted piano is different.

i really don't care how many remixes of zeal get made anyways, its a good song, and besides i don't even have that many remixes of the theme on my playlist compared to some other themes (like the chocobo theme, although people can feel free to stop making those cause i've always found it a bit on the goofy side anyways), so doesn't bug me. People should basically remix whatever they want to hear remixes of themselves, if what they want isn't already out there, you should make it.

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As the foremost collector and lover of Zeal remixes, I must say that you've met every expectation conceivable; this is an excellent piece and does well to represent its own interpretation of Zeal.

Excerpt from a recent letter:

I’m sure you know Chrono Trigger was the great

epic I do; it is staunch proof that viable works can be communicated in

the VG Medium. As I went through it, absorbing Mitsuda’s rich music, I

received a gloriously lifting experience as I explored Zeal. Although my

classification of it as what my own, personal heaven would be had not yet

been formed, Zeal stood as a pinnacle of beauty, knowledge, dreams, and

enlightenment to me. I had always fancied the definition of a truly

enlightened person; one would speak many tongues, know the mathematical

and scientific workings of his or her environment, as well as have the

capacity to write prose and poetry and be able to weigh intellectual

matters fairly. Zeal, although it does not directly represent this,

exemplifies the shining residency of such wondrous people. Its emerald

hills, sparkling cities and azure lakes define this idea, but the most

striking attribute is its literal place in the heavens. Zeal is my

optimum; it is my dreamy celestial kingdom (not the Chrono Trigger one,

exactly, but Zeal in essence as an enlightened and immensely beautiful


This adds another dimension to my vision of Zeal. I know I fail horribly in my attempt at a textual thank you, but I wish that you know I am deeply grateful for your remix, as it will shine to me personally forever. Thank for orchestrating such a worthy and enlightening work.

Again, thank you. Beauty lies herein...

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I have to say I agree whole-heartedly with Zeality.

I feel the same way about not only Zeal as an essence more than a place, but about this mix also. I rather enjoyed the distorted piano, actually. Unlike some mixes on this site, this piece flows. It has a very cool climactic thing at 2:10, which I really liked. Unipulator, you have my deepest, most profound gratitde.

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Wow. Having played piano for a really long time before I got into remixing, I'm pretty picky about piano sounds -- however, I really liked the distorted piano in this one. I think it fits the Zeal melody really well. The non-distorted piano part is also really incredible.

Good job on a very interpretive, beautiful remix.

Only gripe I can give is that I would have liked to hear a more fleshed-out denoument and ending. I think the ending is a little too sudden, and it interrupts what is otherwise a really good musical flow.


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