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OCR01809 - Lufia "Flowers, Life and Memory"


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Lack of reverb a problem? I find it more expressive this way, you hear the instruments better, their own tone and timbre.

How does one jump from playful to dramatic like is done so successfully here? Part of the time listening to this is spent just smiling at how rapidly it changes in mood, yet it all flows smoothly. Lovely might be a word well used to describe this. Impulsive might be another. I'm using both.

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I wouldn't call this remix a "song", but rather a "piece", like a piece from a score.

At least that's how 'Flowers, Life and Memory' sounds to me.

The memories it brings sure hit the right spot, if you've ever played the Lufia games.

The overall orchestral presence is not as overwhelming as it could be, due to lack of reverb.

It could have taken a lot more space, but the articulation is remarkable nonetheless.

And as Dj Pretzel stated, the liberty in the use of silence is a sign of one's mastery.

Some would think that 7 minutes is quite lenghty...

But I'll go ahead and say that's the right amount of time to develop the story and share the feelings it conveys.

And in the end it's pure bliss. Made me dream of an entire fan-arranged Lufia album.

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The trumpet sounds in this make me happy, they are pretty awesome. There are still some moments that aren't quite believable, they are still pretty darned good.

I'm really liking the arrangement on this as a while. There is a lot going

on, but everything is clear, directional, and adds to the piece as a whole. It's a medley, but it really doesn't feel like one, as each theme is constituting to the whole. Great use of silence, that's something you don't hear enough of these days (I blame an ADHD society).

Quite a nice piece, and there aren't enough reviews on this, for sure.

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Dan's mixes are always so under-reviewed... considering all the hard work he must put into each and every composition, it makes me a little sad.

That being said, I absolutely love this. Like your other project mixes that I've heard, there are definite moments where it all clicks and you just get this momentary feeling of euphoria. For me, it's the strings that come in momentarily at 2:31 and again at 3:28... just amazing, dude. You are a master of putting emotion into your songs, and this is one of the best examples of that.

Thanks for never skimping on the arrangement, either; you've got these amazing 7 or 8 minute-long remixes that never, ever get boring or repetitive, and I think you're a perfect example of how to keep your songs fresh while still clocking in above 5 minutes. Keep it up dude! :-D

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Vampire Hunter Dan's masterful use of silence - something he uses to great effect in many of his remixes, such as To Times Once Forgotten - and a wide variety of instruments keeps the track always changing, never boring; an exceptionally strong arrangement, altogether. VHD's brass writing, as usual, is particularly good, and aside from one or two moments that sound a touch less than real, there's no problem with the samples used either. Particularly beautiful ending, as well.

In short: It's VHD, it's an amazing arrangement, you should listen to it if you haven't already.

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