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Gamer Shame


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I'm guilty of buying console and handheld games (Street Fighter 4, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Prince of Persia; it's latest incarnation, and many more games come to mind) and never even playing them because World of Warcraft has ruled my life since I started playing the day of its launch (I started when I was 16 and just turned 21 on sunday).

Also, I never finished Okami. ><


Every game I have bought since I started playing WoW, with the exception of SSBB and Twilight Princess, I have yet to beat.

Please kill my WoW addiction..I want to play the games I have still in the wrappers.. :puppyeyes:

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Legend of Dragoon was awesome. I remember playing a demo of it in a store I didn't usually go to (a Circuit City, I think?) and not really understanding why these people turned into dudes with flying magical dragon-armor shit, but thinking it was awesome anyway.

That pretty much sums up LoD. "I don't know why this is happening, but damn if it doesn't kick ass." Plus the voice actors yelling out the names of the additions when you successfully complete them was amusing in the extreme. Rose's always sounded vaguely dirty -- Whip Smack and More & More...

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  • I don't know if it's a gamer shame, but I played Melee before I played SSB64.
  • I used to hate Halo. Now I think it's okay, just a bit boring.

  • Classic gamer shame: In Sonic Adventure, when I first played the demo (the first course) I died @ the whale part. It was scary, I didn't know that the whale was coming! Also, on the first try, it took me 30 minutes to beat Casinopolis.
  • In all of the Sonic games that I've played with Super Sonic vs a final boss, save for Sonic Heroes, I would always die because I ran out of rings.
  • I don't know how many times that I've killed my partner in co-ops as a kid (forgetting to turn off friendly fire)

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I played but didn't beat... (I'm TERRIBLE at putting down games and never finishing them...)

FF1. Barely started it.

FF2. Barely started it.

FF3. Barely started it.

FF6. Got to last dungeon and got bored.

FF7. I remember Midgar getting blown up somehow, but never actually ventured inside. Started doing sidequests and got bored.

FF8. I got to... hell, I don't remember. Somewhere on disc 4.

FF9. I HATED this game, my least favorite FF. I got to the beginning of the last dungeon and quit.

FFX. I couldn't beat the last boss and never tried again.

FF12. I'm still playing it occasionally.

Final Fantasy Tactics. Got to the last battle and couldn't beat it, quit.

Still haven't beat Twilight Princess. I'm currently in the Sky Temple... haven't put it in the Wii in like a year.

Never beat Super Mario Galaxy, and sold it.

Never beat Chrono Cross. Got to the one place out in the ocean where time is frozen (I think? I could be remembering wrong) and quit.

Never played any Resident Evil for any length of time.

Never beat HL1 without cheats (or HL2 for that matter). I always get stuck and frustrated, and just wind up godmoding and noclipping.

Never beat Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Illusion of Gaia, Tales of Phantasia... the list goes on.

Never beat Dragon Quest VIII. Got to the last dungeon... can you guess the rest?

Never beat Lufia 1 or 2, though I only got like halfway through each.

I own a copy of Albion for my PC and never beat it.

I've never played any Sonic game past level one, and I've never owned a Sega system.

I once had a Virtual Boy... and secretly loved it.

Never played or even seen Wind Waker in action, but played every other title (except for the ones on "that other" system.

And whoever said Megaman X was awesome, you are correct.

Though I didn't think X, X2 or X3 were particularly hard, any of them.

There are plenty more sins I have committed, but I'm sure I've said enough to show my unclean status in the eyes of gaming gods...

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That's what I was thinking. How is it even possible? I was able to play though HL2 without having to wonder around trying to figure out where to go at all...

Two area come to mind. Nova prospekt can be a bit confusing, and the ruins just before the citadel. But with some thinking making your way through is easy.

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Lyreat, if video game sin was the same as regular sin God would personally smote you on the spot.

Fortunately it isn't, so only video game nerds will try to smote you.

Oh well, that's what this forum's for :)

...and I never finished Chrono Cross, either (forgot that one in my list). I refused to cheat or take help and got unavoidably stuck.

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That's what I was thinking. How is it even possible? I was able to play though HL2 without having to wonder around trying to figure out where to go at all...

I always got lost in Nova Prospect. Every time. At the point where you have to leave the dilapidated topside and go down to where Alyx's dad is, I never can find that point. I just give up and noclip around the map. And, of course, once that one cheat's in, you just gotta hit the rest.

Actually, I remember why I never beat Chrono Cross: Miguel (wasn't that his name? The dude with the lightsaber looking thing. It's been years) always locked up my disk for some reason and I couldn't get past it. I now own a different copy but my attention has been occupied with kid and wife (it was a lot easier to find time when I was, like, 14).

And I also watched the Mother 3 translation for years and still haven't made it even halfway through. I just don't enjoy it as much as Mother 2, Earthbound, whatever you want to call it.

Also, I remember reading reviews that Quest 64 was terrible but it's one of my favorite action/adventure games of all time. Go figure.

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I stopped playing Earthbound after I got stuck in Fourside. The battles in that game were so monotonous.

And then I spent all my money on that house by the ocean that was a total pile, and at that point I was just done with it.

Hey. That house had an awesome ocean view.

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I stopped playing Earthbound after I got stuck in Fourside. The battles in that game were so monotonous.

Yeah, if you're really overpowered and don't need to heal for another few turns.

This brings me to another guilty point for me - whenever I feel battles like that are in my odds, sometimes I end up pressing whatever keyboard button it is to speed up the game multiple times over. That's yet another reason why I try to refrain from emulators other than for playing games that never got released out here >.>

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actually falling asleep in an online lobby.

i youst to play chromehounds way too much back in the day.

and i fell asleep a couple times in the main lobby.

I remember my friends yelling in my ear to wake me up.lol

Are people still playing that? I'd hate to get a game and have nobody be playing it.

I haet behind curve

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