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The Old Fogies From UnMod Thread

Bagel Fuzzynuts

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Did I miss something or is the notorious and oh so infamous AD not in that?

When I started here, all I did was post feedback to remixes. Over time, I started to take over GenDisc with all kinds of social/political shit - so they made PPR. Which I didn't use initially. I finally wandered into Unmod and PPR after DJP told me to knock it off in GenDisc.

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hey fellows. havnt been here in a while, sheesh.

2 questions: is this the only thread worth reading like it seems, and what happened to lurch that he's resting in peace? i miss that old bastard.

03-22-2003, 08:33 AM


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Default Keep OCR Free

Lately it has come to our attention that the forums of Overclocked Remix have a small number of Communists in their midst. We ask you, the average, everyday OCR member to give us the name of at least one known Communist on the boards. Doing so will not only stear us toward these offenders, but it will also clear your own name of any wrong doing. Providing us with a name will automatically take you off our known Communist list. Your cooperation will be greatly appreiated.

The following OCR members are confirmed Communists:



endblink's sister

Cudly Gecko


Legato Bluesummers

Legato Greensummers

arashi no tora


Space Cowboy

Y2J Liontamer


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most of refelos's posts must have been in active threads, while yours were all from postwhoring threads that died and were pruned relatively quickly =D so, yours stayed while his disappeared.


Most of my posts were pre-2006, and we kept our post-counts after that first pruning. That's what I figure, anyway.

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