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The Old Fogies From UnMod Thread

Bagel Fuzzynuts

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Reading this thread makes me regret not being more active in unmod. Then again I remember I didn't really like it while it was still around. Or I didn't fit in. Meh.

If anyone can post some screenies of the old blue version of OCR (or the orange one for that matter), or tell me on what pages such screenies have already been posted, I'd really appreciate it.

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Uh... why not just go to the WayBackMachine and look at it?

I posted some helpful links back in this thread

From my limited experiments, I've found there's a greater chance of a thread being archived if it's mentioned on the front page of an archived OCR page. These links should yield better results

OCR Front Page:

Searching through the GenDisc archives didn't bring up too many archived threads (though more than I found in the links in my first post), but at least we get to see more thread titles and see what passed for conversation pieces back then.

GenDisc Through The Years:

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  • 5 months later...
The question is, where were you?

Oh, and s'up old timer?

Holy f_ck, it's The Coop!

...seriously, you're still a god to me, lol, and i STILL have those gfx you made for me so long ago. That game almost still exists, but it's had rather a lot of issues with hard disk failure.

As for where i've been... mostly on a game called live For Speed, when i wasn't looking at Failblog.org or playing Little Big Planet.

Also, i was in college, got an AAS in Computer Drafting and Design. ;)

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Destruction Derby 2 cars? That's kinda what those look like...

They're just skins, but they're from a DD2 pack someone made. That shot was from a DD2 style race server, and that's my car on top of "Mikee"s car. The reason it's up there is that i'd gotten squeezed into a closing wall, rode up on it, and landed on his car. I spun around about 3 times, and landed backward, but i wasn't out. Didn't finish high, but it was hella fun.

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I need to try this game now.

The game's at http://www.liveforspeed.com (i think, i'll test the link), and you can get the demo version for free.

The version you pay for, "S2", is a bit, but no more than other games. I reccommend it.

You can do tons of racing (it's all you can do on the demo servers), but if you buy it you can experience cruising, which, is basically a 3d chatroom with cars, money, earnings, loss, and smartassery. (Just watch out, the admins can be bitchy in some places, lol.)

The game starts out looking average, but you can find mods for it that change it into various environments, and you can adjust the game's effects a bit.

It's more physics-heavy than graphical, but it's improving. the physics feel nice though, that's what keeps me coming back.

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If we can do that on the free version, then hell yeah count me in.

Depends on what car you want to use. That car up there isn't available in the demo version, i think, but the "Base Model" of it is. they're slower, more like real cars.

I think what you're looking for is somewhere in the GTR range, like with the LeMans type of car.


Like this one.

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