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The Old Fogies From UnMod Thread

Bagel Fuzzynuts

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Sorry but you didn't say Team Firefly you said Team Aquarius. It should have been "Team Firefly was the best."

Just thought I should clear that up for you.


that php image thing was funny i don't even care

total agreement

best part imo was when ds explained the answer

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This thread makes me all kinds of happy (though it'd be better if most of the pictures weren't blocked, courtesy of work). I just came back to link someone in the KoL forum who thought he had a huge postcount there to mine, here... but then I had to drop in and say hi. Hi!

And, there totally was a warning. It was just in a dark closet, behind a sign that said "beware of the leopard". ;)

If I remember, when I get home, I'm totally posting some stuff here; I've got a folder full of random things from this place, some of which might not have been posted yet. Like fad threads. I still love them; RR (KoL's equivalent of this forum, except it was always moderated, so people don't complain about it) does the same thing, but calls them "bandwagon threads". But the mods responsible for the place lock them for being pointless. :(

EDIT: Interestingly enough, I just discovered work doesn't block this forum... this is not at all good, in any way. I'm leaving now, for my own good.

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So, I do have a bunch of stuff, but given where the topic of this thread ended up going, I think the most relevant thing is this:

I'mma mod you, bitches! - KyleJCrb, Fri 07-8-05 3:10 am

Kyle has promised to remove fad threads. - Jenga, Fri 07-8-05 8:35 am

Kyle has promised to remove fat threads. - Citris, Fri 07-8-05 10:11 am

Kyle has promised to remove bad threads. - Jenga, Fri 07-8-05 10:17 am

Kyle has promised to remove sad threads. - Sir_NutS, Fri 07-8-05 10:25 am

you can't take away unmod - joelster2, Fri 07-8-05 10:27 am

UnMod has gone to... - Gaea, Fri 07-8-05 10:37 am

Unmod has gone to... - Jenga, Fri 07-8-05 10:42 am

Unmod vs. KyleJCrb - BLAH!, Fri 07-8-05 10:44 am

UNMODERATED FORUM TO BE DELETED - KyleJCrb, Fri 07-8-05 11:21 am

ZOMG! KYLE IS GAWD! U R ALL DED! - Xenophule, Fri 07-8-05 11:42 am

OCREMIX TO BE DELETED - Evilhead, Fri 07-8-05 12:01 pm

THIS THREAD WILL CEASE TO EXIST AT 10PM EASTERN TIME!! - Zergonaleash, Fri 07-8-05 12:03 pm

SOMEONE SET UNMOD UP THE BOMB - Evilhead, Fri 07-8-05 12:04 pm

VGMIX TO BE DELETED - Jenga, Fri 07-8-05 12:05 pm

PROT TO BE UNBANNED!!!!11 - Klunzo, Fri 07-8-05 12:07 pm

[insert random object here] TO BE DELETED AT 10 PM - WingsOfTime, Fri 07-8-05 12:09 pm

At 10PM Eastern Time - Ness757, Fri 07-8-05 12:42 pm

JOELSTER2 TO BE DELETED ALONG WITH UNMOD! - fivre, Fri 07-8-05 12:55 pm

We have a hope: let's try to guess djp's password - nineko1984, Fri 07-8-05 1:03 pm

ALL CAPS MEANS IMPORTANT POST! - Zergonaleash, Fri 07-8-05 1:17 pm

At 11pm EST - NNY, Fri 07-8-05 1:10 pm

This madness is made by.. - i-n-j-i-n, Fri 07-8-05 1:36 pm

THE SPAM THREAD - Claude, Fri 07-8-05 1:43 pm

10PM est is 4AM gmt+2 - nineko1984, Fri 07-8-05 1:48 pm

Mitaro just PMed me. - Jenga, Fri 07-8-05 1:47 pm

Since Unmod will be no more... - Toasty!, Fri 07-8-05 2:02 pm

ONLY 6 HOURS AND 50 MINUTES LEFT!!! - Crosswind Minuet, Fri 07-8-05 2:10 pm

ONLY 6 HOURS AND 48 MINUTES LEFT - nineko1984, Fri 07-8-05 2:12 pm

JEPH JACQUES IS DEAD - neminem, Fri 07-8-05 2:38 pm

Announcement: Unmod Official Status - GrayLightning, Fri 07-8-05 2:21 pm

10 minutes til UnMod dies - fivre, Fri 07-8-05 8:51 pm

-2 minutes til UnMod dies - WingsOfTime, Fri 07-8-05 9:05 pm

UnMod is still alive! - nineko1984, Fri 07-8-05 9:01 pm

-1 hours until UnMod is destroyed - fivre, Fri 07-8-05 10:02 pm

That was the saddest part about the rumors that UnMod was going to be deleted - after Kyle's prank, we'd heard it all before.

There'll never be another place quite like UnMod was, that's for sure.

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OCR SoCal meetup.
Why have we not had MORE OF THESE?!

Just for the record - I'm reading through this whole thread now, and I have to say... if there were another UnMod meetup, I would so drop everything and go to it. Just as long as it were actually declared an UnMod meetup, not OCR, not OffTopic, not NuMod or ReMod or whatever the hell else tried to take the place of UnMod but failed. An actual SoCal UnMod meetup, like the first one (which was awesomely awesome) would be pretty great.

Yes, I'm aware I quoted a post from a reasonably long time ago, but that's irrelevant.

I wish I could find the thread from years back asking who thought they would stick around UnMod forever, and I said I was pretty sure I would; that I imagined in 10 years I'd probably be coding somewhere, and still checking it for updates as often as ever... but, oh, right, it got deleted.

Ooh, edit! Posts are always better when you're increasing your epeen:


I know that game was already mentioned, but it wasn't mentioned that I showed up. ;)

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I've never asked this before, but was I even in that OCR game (assuming it was a game and not just a bunch of screenshots)?

Everyone was, and in probably the dullest way imaginable.

There was literally just a huge block of characters representing UnMod members that you had to fight your way through in order to reach one of the bosses. No dialogue or anything, just a huge gauntlet of straight battles against monsters named after people. If you don't remember having an actual role in the game, that's probably where you ended up.

I did.

No respect, I tell you.

Christ, I'm practically an evil enemy boss character already, but no, let's just make Archaon another face in the crowd. Clearly these are people who would be also be happy to stick the president of America on an economy flight.

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Well, I didn't see myself because the game wouldn't run for me back then. I eventually just gave up and deleted it, so I've never known if I was in there or not.

Hmm... I could've sworn you had an actual role in the game, not just one of the crowd at the end (which I was part of). It's been too long since I've played it to remember, though...

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