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The Old Fogies From UnMod Thread

Bagel Fuzzynuts

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Well, looking to start doing some remixing again, decided to visit the forum to see how it is all doing!

Club Bucket

Mario Fun!

Miyamoto Dance

Bobblehead Inspiration

This is Your Brain

Orient Smoothie

Hah, Man, did someone download an old library of vgmix songs? :P (Besides Bobblehead :P)

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Honestly, I think the phase out comment and the unexplained retroactive banning is what set off the ticker for the UnMod deletion turning into the craziness it was. When it happened, there was already a ton of bad blood.

Like I've said before, I can understand the staff's perspective on most of this, but I still want to point out that many of the people that "lashed out" were the ones that felt grossly misunderstood... A lot of people were grouped and stereotyped. When you do that to hundreds of people that use a forum every day and have formed a tight-knit community after years and years, and they are mostly 15-25 year olds with nothing but time on their hands (heeeee OCR demographic) They are gonna group together and lash out at whoever is responsible... And believe me, there were a few individuals that pretty much thrust themselves out into the spotlight when it was about to happen, pretty much just "asking for it" and then becoming dismayed when everyone was angry at them. I was just surprised that they were so surprised... What do you expect?

I mean, what did I do to anyone before it happened? I am a nice person, and I still felt like I was being punished for something I didn't do, and noses were turned upwards at me. Maybe that's the story all around for everyone involved. I got worked up and angry about it as much as anyone else did. It left a bitter taste in the mouths of a lot of people. I'm just glad people are good-natured enough to eventually let things go, I hope. I mean in the grand scheme of things, it's not important, but then again, what is, especially on the internet? This place? This community of OCR? Well that's what UnMod was too. You latch on to what you care about.

To Darke, I've said this before but I do feel bad that dudes like you and Smoke had to sit there and handle all that stuff while the people that deleted it were out playing, but I just as you shut it off and watched kung fu movies, it was the right thing to do, and even if it was a mess, it wasn't like cleaning up toxic waste. Not sweating stuff like this is what makes life easier, and I think it everyone had just not taken it all so seriously from the beginning, none of this crap would have happened

It's over though, and everyone's cool now that will be cool, and I'm glad that I can just say what I want again in a place where I've spent way too much time :J. You all cool dudes.

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I earned nothing of the sort. As a pioneer I was made an example of =P

Until I saw this thread again, I had completely forgotten about that comparison.

Sad though, considering he got jail time for pot and lost everything.

Japan's even more strict than America on scandal like that, so here's to being careful! (read: I don't do drugs)

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