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OCR01821 - Castlevania III "Demon Seed (Corrupted Infatuation)"

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Definitely not something i'd normally listen to, but thus is the beauty of OCR. The vocals and beats keep this moving, and I thought the delicate backing synths and bells really were effective. The synth solo was also really cool. The atmosphere here is really the star, and damn, is it thick with all kinds of droning sludge. It took several listens to really get a handle on all the different textures, but it really is cohesive overall. I'd have liked to hear something breaking up the texture a little on the high end; maybe tambourine? If anyone can make tambourine sound evil, it'd be CotMM.

Overall an excellent collab where both mixers came together to create something that they couldn't have done alone. Beatdrop bringing the structure and vocals to this, and CotMM with the digital hell.

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I've given this piece a couple of listens so far... it's definitely not like most of what I listen to. Still, it's something I can get into.

The source is very obvious before the lyrics arrive, but I've given it a couple listens now on the way to school and I'm still finding the lyrical sections quite original - maybe I'm not catching something. But I like that, it's like a puzzle I'm trying to solve, to make the connections and stuff. As a remix, it'll be much more satisfying to me then, however as an individual work this is already pretty satisfying now.

Even if it's not your thing, you should still give this piece a complete listen. It's so ... dark, and grindy.

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A Beatdrop/CotMM collaboration?! ...can't say I ever saw that one coming.

These last few weeks have provided for some really great-yet-unorthodox remixes. This is definitely one of them.

It's hard to describe: it sounds different from CotMM's usual, and it sounds different from Beatdrop's usual... though I'd say it leans more toward CotMM's style. The man has some the most interesting... sonic experiments... I've ever heard. Like a lot of his stuff, this sounds just plain evil. The source tune is perfect for this sort of thing. It's like Dracula just finished installing his new cybernetics.

Of course, the lyrics just add to the sadistic quality of the song. I bet if you played it backward, you'd probably hear all about how he loves bunnies or something, because it seems all of the satanic subliminal messages are already there when you play it forward.

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This is some creepy stuff. Not usually a fan of this style of music (sorry CotMM, just not my stuff), but I can appreciate what has been done to really create a sinister atmosphere. I had to read the lyrics to figue out what was being sung, but having them almost undecipherable makes them fit in just fine.

Nice work, even if it's not my thing.

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Definitely. . . evil

Never played the game, but I assume with a name like DRACULA 2 it must be very creepy and subliminal, and those corrupted (-: synths/layers really catch the mood.

This gets my vote for pure ambient drone metal :)))

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Never thought I'd see another CotMM remix on the front page.

As djp said in the write-up, this is a fairly melodic remix compared to CotMM's other stuff, but that is not a bad thing at all.

While I like the arrangement, I have to say that the vocals don't do it for me. At all. They're just grating and annoying, especially when listening to the song using headphones. They do fit in with the overall atmosphere, but I still don't like 'em.

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Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I'm glad you've enjoyed it!

This track wouldn't be what it is without the synth lines Beatdrop provided,

along with his original lyrics and vocal lines.

As a special treat here are some MP3 renders produced along and along as this track came together:


Also included is a FLAC lossess copy of the track and a (partial, zoomed out) out screenshot of the final multitrack layout.

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Hm, this isn't something you see every day around here. Crazy experimental here, and I guess we wouldn't have it any other way from CotMM with the help of Beatdrop.

What I see here is that the low end combined with the quirky lead melodies really building the foundation for the strangeness. There are lots of other little elements here and there that really help build on this as well, like the robotic sounding voice (not like metallic robot voice, but unnatural for normal speech type of voice) towards the end of the track.

Definitely good work by this duo here!

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