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OCR VS Aliases


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Hey all.

I was thinking the other day, and I realized that many people here use different names across the internet and opposed to real world aliases, such as artist names. I realized that it would be a great pity if I missed one of Skrypnyk's or Beatdrop's albums in a music store, simply because they use a different artist name.

That's why I think that ITT, we should post our artist names so we can know what other names people here may go by. To that end, we can also post the names we use on other places online, if you're comfortable with that. (For example, I bumped into Aninymouse once on serebii.net's chat room. That was fun.) As for myself, I try to go by Overflow on all fronts, except when it's not available(My XBL name is The Overflow). I also used to go by NintendoPlayerManiac on the NSider forums. Anyone remember those? they were great.

Anyways, my artist name is also going to be Overflow, if the name's available. I'd like to know what yours is, so I can look for your work in a music store.

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I realized that it would be a great pity if I missed one of Skrypnyk's or Beatdrop's albums in a music store...

never gonna happen


I am known for going by other atomic animals, other than dogs.

atomic swine flu


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I just googled my username for ocr since I'm all about me all the time.

I like how my sig is the first image result displayed. Then a bunch of other ocr sigs come up about two pages in...boo, it's my username, why are you guys there? Lame. Get out of my search results.

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I'm known as PrincessTensei on certain gameservers.

It's a long story.

You're a pretty asian girl.

Short story.

I have a few names, ones here being RealEyesRealizeRealLies and Heliotropic Daylight.

TenTonHammer or TenTonHammer23 on SA and XBL

EdgeCrusher36 on forums where EdgeCrusher is taken.

Kabukiqf on older stuff like hotmail, etc.

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Strangely enough, this alias comes from some project I was (actually still am) a part of - and I like it enough where I won't change it, either. However, when some of my choral music gets published it'll probably be under my real name (it looks weird having 'Gario' posted as the author of contemporary music :/ ). When will I publish my stuff? When I get a working copy of Sibelius (hopefully very soon) and the permission of the people who wrote the original texts (sadly, Charles Causley died recently and I have no clue who his estate belongs to, now... the other pieces I have no problem with, however).

Only if I were a Democrat.

Your not a democrat, AD? Seriously??

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