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OCR01088 - Kid Icarus "Megalo Kid March"


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I like it. I always loved the level music in Kid Icarus (Well, level 1, anyway ... I could never get past it), and orchestrated NES music, when well done, can turn out really cool. My only complaint has already been addressed (the 'belivability' of the insturments falls a bit at the 1:25 mark), but it's a pretty minor issue.

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I loved the Kid Icarus soundtrack, and this song does it justice.

The huge buildup at the beginning was expected, but afterwards, the harp and woodwinds was not, and a welcome turn.

The bassoon(?) is particularly expressive, though the brass that comes in later isn't completely convincing. I think the issue is that it's too rigid, and especially so, when the rest of the piece is so carefully constructed. The percussion is sparse, but builds tension when needed, and though I was hoping for a huge Wagnerian swell at the end, the ending was good in it's own right.

The handling of the source is a little more relaxed than I was hoping for overall, but it still sounds good and is recommended.

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I'm actually surprised that there isn't more replies to this remix. It's incredibly well done! I'll admit, I've never played Kid Icarus, but I really with I had. The game looks like an amazing cross between Mario, Metroid and Zelda, and with Pit appearing in the next Smash Brothers I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him.

The remix is heroic and simply suggestes adventure with every note! By all acount this should be a classic Nintendo theme. It's just so brilliant and catchy, and this remix shows how great this original music is and has potential to be. Here's hoping this theme is featured in Smash Brothers Brawl!

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Can't say this one caught my interest much. It all felt too thin and amateurish. It's nice to hear this theme getting a more modern treatment, and it sounds like the remixer had some okay ideas but I don't really think this offers anything that the Brawl orchestrated version of the theme didn't. Sorry :-(

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01088 - Kid Icarus "Megalo Kid March"

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