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Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2009 (It's OVER!! More details coming soon...)


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Sign me up.

Do we get PMs / Emails when the phases are over? I would love that.

Everyone will get a PM of the match-ups, and the first post will be updated to reflect (probably an article on ThaWiki too) assuming it's possible.

There might be an optional progress report thing (where you can upload/post your WIPs every 2 weeks so people can see how far along you are) that there will probably be PMs for if we decide to do that

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PM all requests to starla.

She is in charge of them.

Each person is limited to 1 request. I have reserve the right to reject any request that's too ridiculous (remember to make your request within the realm of possibility. Some stuff just isn't going to happen).

Each request needs at least a link to 1 source. Be it YouTube, GrooveShark, a hosted MP3, or a Midi file. If you're source IS a midi file, a link to one of the OTHER types in addition to midi would be preferred.


Me and starla are current in an internet outage. If you don't hear anything back from either of us in the next 2 days. DON'T FREAK OUT. We'll be around when we can be, and we should be back on our feet 100% by Tuesday at the very latest.

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Yup, I've got a challenge up - I really hope someone gets it, as it's a un-remixed classic (I hate it when good music goes unnoticed in the remixing community...).

Phase 3's gonna be awesome :).

Question, though - Are we going to know who sent the challenges, or are the challenges going to be from 'anonymous'? It would be interesting if we knew who we were remixing for :wink:.

EDIT: Nevermind - I see we will :).

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