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Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2009 (It's OVER!! More details coming soon...)


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The History:

Way back in 2002 a forum user name "I Like Cookies!" (now just Jeff), ran a 1-shot competition called the Freshly Baked ReMixer challenge. In the thread artists signed up and were assigned challenges posted by other forum users. This is how artists like myself, Suzumebachi, and GLL all got our starts. There were also some other impressive tracks by Disco Dan and a few others.

Some time later the same user did the Second Annual FBRC which, while not as popular as the first one, still saw some solid success.

Since the competition has long been forgotten by most, and seeing all the talent that's on OCReMix today, I think it's time we try a revival.

The Premise:

As stated above the idea of the competition is for forum users to challenge remixers to remixes of songs/games they request. The remixer than has a predetermined amount of time to produce a remix of said material.

The Plan:

Previously everyone just winged it, and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I've been tossing around in my head a new system that should make the situation better for everyone...


Phase 1 will be mixer sign-up. It will last until next Saturday, and ANYONE wishing to enter may. Be it an established artist or not. Any and all are welcome, and encouraged to enter.

The Challenges:

Following Phase 1, there will be a 1 week period where any forum user can submit challenges. Be it from a game, or a specific song. Challengers MUST include a source tune for reference and ALL CHALLENGERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO NOT PICK SONGS THAT'RE TOO OBSCURE . This is merely a suggestion as the easier it is for a remixer to get a midi, or familiarity with a song, the more likely the finished project will be a quality piece of work. During Phase 2 each user is only allowed 1 challenge. ReMixers already in the challenge are allowed to issue challenges themselves. I reserve the right to reject certain requests.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure that this year people don't see ANOTHER song that COULD HAVE BEEN challenged, this year all challenges will be made PRIVATELY. More details when Phase 2 goes live.

The Match-Ups:

Once we populate a list of mixers and challenges, a script be created and will distribute the songs to each mixer. There will a few days grace period while we sort everything out, and following that mixers will have 2 months to finish their challenge. In the event that there are more challenges than mixers (which is likely) if a mixer successfully finishes their challenge (COMPLETED a QUALITY remix) then they are free to once again randomly select another song from the pool. The only stipulation is remixers CAN NOT be selected to remix a song THEY requested as a challenge.

PLEASE NOTE: This challenge is meant to be just that. A CHALLENGE. Last year there were a LOT of people trying to switch the song that they got because they didn't like it. I realize personal preference plays a big part of the creative process, and I do truly believe that you should make music for yourself before anything else, this is a CHALLENGE. By entering this competition you are signing up for, and agree to be challenged. This will include working under strict time constraints and may also mean having to mix something you don't necessarily like. If you choose to not accept your challenge, then you fail the challenge, and I will not be babying every person who wants to swap their challenge. We WILL have some wiggle room, but not nearly as much as we had last year.


There will be NO voting. This contest is specifically for remixers to test their abilities as a mixer, and to give users a chance to get their favorite under-remixed song finally mixed. Everyone who completes a quality product is a winner, and every listener wins as well.

Current Status:

  • Phase 1 (Mixer Sign-Up, NO REQUESTS): Sunday, May 31st - Saturday, June 6th, 23:59PM EST
  • Phase 2 (Song requests: Sunday June 7th - Saturday, June 13th, 23:59 EST
  • 1 Week Break to send out / confirm mixers and challenges
  • Phase 3 (Mixing stage):Sunday June 21st - Saturday, August 22nd, 23:59 EST

Phase III: Mixing

The mixing matches for stage 3 can be found here. At this time artists are UNABLE to re-roll their mixes other than otherwise stated here. You have until August 22nd to complete a polished piece of work. If you finish early and want another mix details are here and here.

When your mix is complete it will need to be uploaded to Compo:ThaSauce. This WILL require you to have an account on ThaSauce, and will AUTOMATICALLY LOCK once the mixing stage is over.

You are free to post WIPs of your mixes in this thread, but please do not upload anything but your FINAL WORK to the Compo page.


The Matchups:

  • Abadoss - Lunar 1 - Battle (rerolled)

    • Silpheed - The Legend of SILPHEED

    [*]analoq - Lufia 2 - Battle

    [*]Bundeslang - Space Station Silicon Valley - The Battery Farm

    [*]Demonstray - Wild ARMs 2 - A Journey

    [*]diotrans - Metal Gear Solid - Hind D (rerolled)

    • The Hybrid Front - Moon/Mars: Sukarabe Fight 3

    [*]Dj Mokram - Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga - Teehee Valley

    [*]DJ SymBiotiX - The Magic of Scheherezade - Past

    [*]Dyne - Legend of Dragoon - Minor Boss

    [*]Epitaph - Gran Turismo - Moon Over Castle

    [*]Faustt - Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - Dusk's Holy Mark

    [*]FiremanJoe - Devil's Crush - Main Theme

    [*]Fishy - Lunar 2 - Boss Battle

    [*]friendlyHunter - Tyrian - Sarah's Song

    [*]Gario - Phoenix Wright 1 - Gumshoe's Theme

    [*]Hemophiliac - Mega Man 5 - Wily's Stage

    [*]HitoriJaNai - Jazz Jackrabbit - Tubelectric

    [*]jmr - Princess Maker 2 - Battle

    [*]just64helpin - Starfox - Space Armada

    [*]Jose the Bronx Rican - Metroid Prime - Tallon Overworld 2

    [*]Lanodantheon - DuckTales - The Himalayas

    [*]Moseph - Chrono Cross - Cleft of Dimension

    [*]mv - ToeJam and Earl 2 - Mellow Groove

    [*]nonsensicalexis - Super Hang-On - Outride a Crisis (rerolled)

    • Lunar 1 - Battle

    [*]OA - Banjo-Kazooie - Tooty's Theme

    [*]PosiBolt - Ultima Online - Create 1

    [*]RocketSniper - Cave Story - Oppression

    [*]ProjectSpam - Mega Man 4 - Skull Man

    [*]Sinewav - Sonic the Hedgehog - Spring Yard Zone

    [*]Skummel Maske - Asterix - Egypt Theme

    [*]Sockpuppet5 - Super Mario RPG - Monstro Town

    [*]Stuff of Legends - Snowboard Kids - Night Highway

    [*]superjoe - Sonic & Knuckles - Doomsday Zone

    [*]Suzumebachi - Monster Hunter Freedom - Main Theme (rerolled)

    • Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - A Clashing of Waves

    [*]The Biznut - Final Fantasy - Chocobo Theme

    [*]The Joker - Live-A-Live - Go Go Buriki King!

    [*]THE Oinkess - The Ooze - Stage 5-A/B

    [*]The Pezman - Zelda Minish Cap - Minish Woods

    [*]the prophet of mephisto - Jazz Jackrabbit - Tubelectric (rerolled)

    • Super Hang-On - Outride a Crisis

    [*]The Vagrance - Sonic Spinball - Toxic Caves

    [*]Theory of Nonexistence - Sparkster (SNES) - Level 1

    [*]Willrock - Treasure Hunter G - Sad Freedom

    [*]Xerol Oplan - Mega Man 5 - Dark Man Stage 1

    [*]Zephyr~ - Silpheed (DOS) - The Legend of Silpheed (Dropped Out)

The Mixers (42):

  • Dyne
  • the prophet of mephisto
  • Moseph
  • Zephyr~
  • HoboKa
  • jmr
  • The Vagrance
  • The Pezman
  • Abadoss
  • Bundeslang
  • Jose the Bronx Rican
  • Skummel Maske
  • The Joker
  • OA
  • Gario
  • Lanodantheon
  • nonsensicalalexis
  • Sinewave
  • Fishy
  • Faustt
  • Dj Mokram
  • just64helpin
  • DJ SymBiotiX
  • FiremanJoe
  • Demonstray
  • Sockpuppet5
  • friendlyHunter
  • analoq
  • Hemophilliac
  • ProjectSpam
  • injury
  • suzumebachi
  • Xerol
  • RocketSniper
  • diotrans
  • ToN
  • Epitaph
  • HitoriJaNai
  • The Biznut
  • mv
  • Willrock
  • Stuff of Legends

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I'd love to try this, but I have an ambient album to complete, two books to try and fanagle into publishing, plus work on the SD3 remix album on top of life itself. I will literally die of music if I tried. :)

Sounds like fun though and I'll definitely be watching how it turns out.

it was a four-month deadline last time, after spending a few months getting the whole FBRC off the ground to begin with. you'll have time =)

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