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Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2009 (It's OVER!! More details coming soon...)


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Phase 1 is now LIVE until Saturday at 23:59 EST.

Please be sure to read the (quasi-) updated main post, as this year I have made adjustments.

The MAIN adjustments are these:

1. All challenges will be made IN PRIVATE this year. Last year, since the challenges were PUBLIC, a lot of people ending up rejecting their challenges because they saw another song that had been challenged and wanted to try to re-roll so that could get it.

Which leads to...

2. There won't be NEARLY as many re-rolls available this year. I want as many people to finish as they can, but this is meant to be a challenge. If you can't mix the songs you are given, then you are OUT of the challenge. It seems a bit harsh, but last year I had to do a LOT of extra work for people that didn't get their mixes done anyway. We will be working with everyone to do what we can to make the process as fair as possible, but we are NOT going to be holding your hands so that you get that super easy song you wanted to mix anyway.

I will be going through the first few pages of the list and populating the the mixers involved, uless anyone wants to back out now. Otherwise just reply here and I'll you added when I can.

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