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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN! Fan Art Competition 26: Marvel vs. Capcom


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I finally got around to concocting something. It's been in my head ever since the theme was announced, I just couldn't get around to doing it because I suck at drawing people, and I suck more at drawing people trying to do things, namely action scenes.

But since I've bought this new printer/scanner and somewhat learned how to color my pictures in Photoshop, I can finally submit something! YAY!

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Things just got interesting for me. According to the front page of blizzard.com, the Blizzard Fan Art Competition is now available to people in other countries (e.g. me), but it doesn't say which countries! All I know is that at some point I'm going to draw a Blizzard picture and a Marvel vs. Capcom picture. The FAC deadline is a week Sunday, while the Blizz competition ends on the Friday right before... which means if I put all I've got into the Blizzard entry, I'm only gonna have 2 days to draw Marvel vs Capcom! And knowing me, those two days are going to disappear like hotcakes in a place where hotcakes typically disappear.

What do I dooo?? :puppyeyes:

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dang it? is it still viable then? damn it, my one hope of getting out of drawing people. Alright, i'll figure something else out

Are Transformers REALLY easier to draw than people? I'd have a hell of a tough time trying to draw transformers...

someone list off a few really badass marvel anti-heroes please? Maybe one that uses a sword?

I'd list some, but I'm sure you've thought of them already (Wolverine, Gambit, etc.)

Question: is 3D art an acceptable format?

Very acceptable =D

As for me... I'm gonna do what I usually do and leave the FAC to the last minute and come up with something quick that's not super polished ^_^ Or if I finish my Blizzard picture early, I might start the FAC drawing early too.

Also, all the good Marvel vs. Capcom ideas I can think of involve characters/games I know almost nothing about... well, I'll think of something eventually.

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Good news for me: I procrastinated so much that I didn't draw anything for the Blizzard contest so it gave me more time for the FAC! But I waited too long to post this, because I didn't actually start drawing anything for the FAC yet.

I have however decided on what to draw. It's going to be good, assuming I actually draw it!

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