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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN! Fan Art Competition 26: Marvel vs. Capcom


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I really debated whether or not I should chime in on this, as it could open a whole host of canned worms. Talking about what is and isn't original has lead to so many arguments in the past, and hurt feelings as well. But...

DJ Mighty- The problem with going that route, is that it's hard to call the end result original when it's using another person's pre-existing photos and such as its base. Even when you add layer upon layer of effects, filters, lines, shading and such, it's still really just a tweaked version of what someone else made.

I believe by "original", bonzai! means work you made from scratch on your own, without recreating what others have already done (be it in drawings, photos, paintings, etc.). Images like the one you and Cottus&Gyes made, while nice, don't really fall into the realm of original work. Not because effort wasn't put into it, but because of the source of the images within them.

If you both drew up your own takes on those characters in your compositions, then it could be considered original fan art, as it would no longer involve drawn over or filtered movie posters, screen grabs, and the like. But as it is, I don't think they can be called original works.

They're kind of like remixes in a way. You take a source tune, and reinterpret it. The end result is a remix, and not an original song. Well, that's more or less what you guys did, just in a visual fashion rather than an aural one :-)

Agreed, my question was more if photos were acceptable over drawings like i did. I think you explained it all quite nicely.

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hey I remember ◕ ◡ ◕


i really needed to laugh

oh hey look im back for 3 minutes and already making rulings on this thing

yeah as nice as cottus' thing is its meant to be completely from scratch, no altercation of any other piece of work, so unfortunately that wouldnt be allowed

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Holy shit I won! Well color me surprised (see, that's a pun since my picture was in... nevermind).

In complete seriousness, this was a damn close one (The Otaku is cursing me out right now :lol:). And honestly, I am surprised that I won. My black and white work has always been hit or miss with people, so I didn't know what to expect (especially once I tacked on the story that formed in my head as I worked on it). So, thanks for the votes and comments guys :-)

As for what I'm going with, I had a couple questions that I PMed to bonzai!. As soon as he gets back to me, I'll make my selection. Or, if he doesn't PM me by Tuesday, I'll just bug atmuh and see what he has to say since he was running FAC before.

Nice work on the pics everyone. I was happy to see the subject matter all over the place, and not just on a few really popular characters. Good stuff :-D

Oh, and the smiley had nothing to do with it, friendlyHunter. He had video proof (**shudder**) that he was home, banging his wife that night.

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I can't believe i was the only guy who drew deadpool you peeps are crazy

It was gonna be an absolutely badass gun-to-head cross-counter pose, but I couldn't seem to get it just right and gave up

Hey Coop awesome drawing but did you really just ship Felicia and Jon? I'm not a darkstalkers nut by any means, but I'm pretty sure that one's far from canon 8O

also lol at megaman getting his arm ripped off by the spidey

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Hey Coop awesome drawing but did you really just ship Felicia and Jon? I'm not a darkstalkers nut by any means, but I'm pretty sure that one's far from canon 8O

I had to look those terms up :lol:

But no, no shipping. I know in the Udon comics, Felicia convinces Jon to come with her so she can try to prove that there's still good in humanity, which Jon (being a human despising werewolf in the comics) refuses to believe. So they make a kind of odd "sorta friendship" there.

But, since I focused on the info given in the games for my main source draw for the bios on this site, that's what I ran with. She's generally portrayed as an upbeat, kind-hearted woman, and Jon isn't a human despising werewolf (at the end of VS, he's supposed to meet with a couple kids to teach them martial arts). So really, with a little creativity in whatever might happen before and after that scene, I don't believe what takes place in my entry is very far fetched, or canon breaking.


Yeah, I've played the games too much most likely.

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bonzai! got back to me, and I submitted my choice for FAC 27.

My main concern was whether or not the winner of one FAC, had to sit out the next one because they weren't eligible to compete (like what the Caption Contests around here do). He let me know that I could, so now we wait for him to make the new thread with the next subject (and no, it's not Darkstalkers ;-)).

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