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OCRA-0014 - Final Fantasy IV: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption

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Glad you liked it! It's supposed to be a violin... I dunno what that means for you, but, yea!

wha....really? It sounded like a cross between an Accordion and a string instrument of some sort...either it's a weird violin sample or my idea of a Violin is completely mixed up with something else.

w/e it fits the song :}

There is a corner store where I teach trumpet lessons that sells Key Lime Pie Soda.

Yes, you read correctly. Tastes pretty good, too.

That sounds delicious as hell.

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Yes, right! I know it :)

But, I don't know... I liked this ff4 release more (even if in general I prefer ff7 soundtrack)!

Maybe because ff7 had so many remixes, CDs etc...

I never heard ff4 sounding like this! The transition from a early snes soundtrack to a professional orchestral remix made me... errr... happy! ahahah

It's awesome!

I can't wait to hear a ff6 and 8 orchestrated album like this one :)

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totally got my boxed disc today. the case had a crack in it, but it's on the back and not very noticeable. it feels so cool to see my name in the booklet!

talk about an excellent way to listen in the car.

edit: rozovian, i think your review of my track is totally appropriate. i have no idea what the hell it was either =)

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i just listened to the first disc a few times. i really, really like 'the sky holds no angels for us'. great title, guys! the guitar at the beginning - all delayed and that - sounds really fantastic.

Tru dat!

I've put in almost 2000 listens to this album's tracks combined, and I have to say that "The Skies Hold No Angels for Us" is the best, without a contest. Completely moody, atmospheric, and downright-beautiful at times. It didn't quite hit me with the first listen, but by the 50th listen I'm pretty sure it's become one of my all-time favorite rock songs! Brilliant job, audio fidelity and Level 99 :-D

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