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Steam Deals. Updates in first post. Braid for $5, get it while it's hot (this weekend only)


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Yeah, steam deals on games you probably already own but are now kicking yourself cause you could have went on a date with the money you would have saved.

(it's cool, i know you probably don't go on dates, but hypothetically if you did, you could have used that money to hypothetically get your first kiss)

(this will be the updated stuff for cool steam shit, especially really good deals like the one you just missed, which i will hold over your head in the Recent Deals You Missed section)

Don't have steam? Then you're an idiot, what the fuck are you doing on a PC without steam. Because I like you sooo much, here's the direct download link. Welcome to PC gaming, nerd.

Stuff that is pretty cool and/or on sale


Braid. $5. If you need anymore convincing then that, you are retarded.


I've heard from beta testers and stuff this game is pretty cool but it's a mmororororg so i could give two shits (other than APB, that is a game I would pre-order in an instant). And you can fly, so that's a perk. Not really a sale, just maybe if you wanted the game you can get it now and then show off to your steam friends how cool you are that you bought a game that you can't play for a month!


If you don't have monkey island you should probably get it moron ($10, $35 for all 5 episodes which saves you like $15 if you aren't good at math)


*with purchase of 2 other games that pretty much make this deal kinda crappy because the second game doesn't even work with directx 10.0 or 10.1, so vista/7 users are out. also a 64 on metacritic doesn't sound too great. Actually this deal kind of sucks but i guess if you really liked the other games or think you will like them this is the thing for you. other people will continue to think it sucks.


Really good deals that you just missed:

-Halflife series was on sale again for really freaking cheap. If you missed this deal, and the 98 cent one, you really need to go shoot yourself or something.

-Indie Game Sale: 10 games for $30, 5 for $20 (seriously if you missed this you should be kicking yourself)

-A year ago they had all the old half-lives for like 98 cents yeah if you didn't get them then you're a moron

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Because they are steam and they are good. Seriously, how you own a pc and don't have steam I'm not sure in this day and age. I guess the only reason not to have it is if your hardware isn't that great, or linux.

Note: Do not turn this thread into arguing the pros and cons of steam. Just get the deal and then maybe complain about how annoying Everyday Shooter's controls are because it only lets you shoot in 8 directions :-x

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Ohhhh, okay, I've already got World of Goo, but I went ahead and did it. Looks like some neat stuff. The only one I wish I could swap out is Mr. Robot and put in Starscape instead, based off of playing the demos for both waaaaaay back when they first came out. (Mr. Robot looked like a really cool isometric puzzle-platformer at first, until the clunky boring JRPG-esque battle system kicked in and I said "Hrmm.")

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steam is awful and i could do without it

audiosurf was ok but it gets old fast and fortunately i played in the beta so it got old for me before it ever got released and i never had to buy it

tf2 is probably the current most overrated game

Yeah, its all about WoW. pew pew 1337xorz.

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I'm not familiar with Steam either other than what others post when they have a big sale. How do they afford such incredible deals time and time again?

Digital distribution, while costing a lot in bandwidth/servers, cuts out the costs of manufacturing and overhead. No need to burn discs or package everything up nicely when you can just send a stream of bits.

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Digital distribution, while costing a lot in bandwidth/servers, cuts out the costs of manufacturing and overhead. No need to burn discs or package everything up nicely when you can just send a stream of bits.

This has so many benefits that, while probably costing no small fortune to kick off, really gives gamers what they want.

* A huge variety of games from an ever-growing catalog

* Impulse-buying brand-new AND old-school games (the ID collection is a killer example)

* No need to worry about scratching discs or losing a game. Just re-download it wherever whenever and keep your games organized.

* Offer great deals due to cutting out the middle-man.

* Keep games automatically up to date with patches.

* Have a gaming community with communications and social networking-type stuff in and around the games themselves.

Of course, if the system goes down or Steam goes bankrupt, then your investments might be SoL, though I can't see that happening in any way in the foreseeable future. But for indie games being offered like this, how can anyone complain?

I'm not arguing the pros and cons of steam, I'm simply explaining how even indie games benefit, and thus can have a sale like this. ^_^

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Valve is a company that as far as anyone can see is completely devoid of using exploitative or shady business practices. They genuinely value the customer, and the massive plethora the extra content and regular updates they release for games for free is a testament to that. I refuse to use any other digital distribution service. I find it utterly impossible to trust other companies when it comes to handling that sort of thing.

For example, from what I remember hearing, EA's service gives you a limited amount of time to keep a copy of your game "reserved" on their servers unless you pay to have it "insured" otherwise it's lost forever. So you're paying extra to make sure a little binary bit of information that says 'yes, you do own this game' stays on your account for a longer period of time.

I couldn't see Valve doing this for as long as Gabe Newell and Doug Lombardi own and operate the company. When you pay for a game, it will always be there for you to download and access forever. That's always been the philosophy of Steam.

This is why if a game is not on Steam, XBL, or PSN, I will not even consider anything but a physical copy of the game.

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